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Useful Tips on Creating a Work From Home Space

Updated on:
July 11, 2023
work from home

Have you recently started working from home? Most employees are working from home and believe this will become the norm. As you will also be working remotely, having a dedicated workspace is wise. Now the question is how can I work from home with little space that keeps me productive. We will help you create a home office on the piece of land you have allocated, which will contribute to work and as little distraction as possible.

What makes a good work-from-home space?

#1 Choosing the right place

Although it would be ideal to determine how to build a good home office space, it is not always practical. Few are willing to make a significant investment in it. For now, it's best to simply locate the perfect spot in your home. If your house is spacious, there are several options to choose from. However, even small spaces require a quiet area with minimal distractions, and it's crucial to have a functional workspace with a flat surface - whether it's an extension of the wall, your kitchen counter, or a coffee table.

For those of you with kids requiring supervision, consider a location where you can watch them play or engage in their online classes.

#2 There should be a window

Working from home can have its pros and cons. On one hand, it's cozy to be in your own space and skip the commute. On the other hand, being cooped up indoors can feel isolating. But, placing your desk next to a window can help. Not only does natural light boost focus, but it also connects you to the world outdoors. Seeing the weather, trees, and world go by can improve your mental health and overall happiness. So, if you want to try an easy home office idea, move your desk to a sunny window. You'll be more productive, and happier for it.

#3 Get close to a power supply and Wi-Fi

A power strip that provides multiple ports is ideal for your home workspace. When setting up your home office as a remote worker, you'll need to connect various electronic devices like monitors, CPUs, and laptop chargers. Being far from a dedicated power supply is impractical.

If your Wi-Fi router is located far away, then you may experience interruptions in the Internet. You should either move it, place the workplace closer, or add a repeater to your network. Since we are talking about the internet, you should also set up VPN on the router to unblock websites. Another reason for setting up VPN on the router is to protect data and eliminate various vulnerabilities. You can read more about how to set up VPN on the router and download free VPN on the VPN provider's website. One of the most interesting value-for-money on the market is VeePN. You can even use the free trial version to test the service.

#4 Upgrade home office furniture

Without a proper desk or comfortable chair, it's all too easy to start feeling sluggish and unproductive. That’s where investing in dedicated furniture like a sought-after ergonomic chair and adjustable standing desk comes in. With the right setup, you can boost your activity and productivity while working from the comfort of your own home. So if you're looking to get more done while working remotely, be sure to invest in furniture that will help you stay on track and feel your best.

#5 Set up proper lighting

Setting up a suitable workspace is crucial when working from home, especially as it's a new experience for many of us. Adequate lighting plays a vital role in creating a workspace that is both comfortable and conducive to productivity. A bright area near a window is the best location for your workspace. However, if natural light is insufficient, borrow a table lamp or floor lamp from elsewhere to supplement the light. If harsh lighting strains your eyes during the day, it's time to adjust the lighting. Simply add an extra light or change the position of the current one to make eye strain less severe and ensure a comfortable and well-lit workspace.

#6 Take care of ergonomics

You may not have access to an ergonomic office chair, but you can still find a suitable alternative. Look around your home for a chair and table, or even a different surface that allows you to work comfortably on your computer or laptop without slouching. A chair that is comfortable and provides ample back support is the ideal solution. An additional cushion or draped blanket can enhance the comfort level as well.

Alternatively, you can create your own standing desk out of a kitchen counter. You will need to prop up your laptop with books to ensure the proper height. Whether you're sitting or standing, ensure your setup keeps your back aligned with the screen to avoid slouching.

#7 Make your workspace green

Incorporating low-maintenance plants can be a splendid idea for creating a greener workspace at home. It's a demonstrated fact that plants and greenery help keep you feeling fresh and play a fundamental role in enhancing your productivity. So why miss this golden opportunity to make your home-office workspace more appealing, productive, and refreshing?

#8 Pay attention to personalization

A customized workspace at home keeps you more engaged and motivated with your workstation. Include collectibles or a photo of loved ones on your desk for an extra boost. Make sure to personalize your desk space for maximum productivity and an enjoyable workspace.

#9 Avoid the proximity of the workplace and the bed

Working from bed may seem cozy, but it's detrimental to both productivity and rest. The temptation to overwork is strong in such a comfortable setting, leading to stress and a disrupted sleep schedule. Ultimately, your relaxing bed becomes associated with work, losing its restorative power.

#10 Protect your screen from sun glare

Have you heard of optical strain caused by direct sunlight hitting your monitor screen? Having a desk set up near a window can be great, but if you work with a monitor or laptop, make sure your monitor's back faces the window and your screen is always turned away to reduce potential screen strain from glare.


Working from home can be an incredibly liberating experience. It allows you to work in an environment that is comfortable and familiar to you and sets the stage for your work-life balance goals. By creating the right workspace, you can maximize your productivity and make working from home enjoyable.

Invest in ergonomic furniture that fits your needs, decorate your office with plants or artwork that inspires you, and keep it organized with plenty of shelving and storage bins. Additionally, make sure to simplify your desktop by getting rid of unnecessary distractions like noisy wallpaper. Following these tips will help ensure that when it comes time to work hard, you have everything necessary to do so in a comfortable environment. You'll be surprised at how quickly the time will fly by when working from home!

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