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What is the Best Water Heater for a Tiny Home?

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Water running over hand

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a shower, and the water starts to go cold. You start trying to add up the approximate amount of gallons you used doing the dishes, and the person who showered right before you. Yep. You’ve run out of hot water.

Everyone likes having comforts inside their own home or RV. Especially when they are mobile and sometimes on the road. One of the best comforts we all take for granted until we run out is hot water. PrecisionTemp created the first and the best tankless water heaters for the RV and Tiny House Industry.

They are gas fired and instantaneous water heaters that provide endless hot water. With a turn of the faucet you can relax with the comfort of continuous hot water. No more running out of water in the middle of a shower or bath. No waiting for a tank to heat up.

With their patented VariFlame technology, these are the first gas-fired tankless water heaters approved by RVIA and ANSI/CSA certified. That means there is no pilot light sucking up energy 24/7.

The RV550-EC mounts into the sidewall just like standard water heaters, perfect for most RVs, Tiny Houses, and houseboats. The RV550 NSP-EC requires no sidewall penetration and flues through the floor, ideal for tiny home or RV applications where exterior appearance or weather proofing is a concern.

This makes the RV550-EC one of the best water heaters for tiny homes especially with a company like PrecisionTemp behind it.

The ShowerMate has stainless internals and flues through a 2 inch top duct to the exterior and is ideal for the marine environment.

Tiny Houses and RVs just don’t get any more comfortable than they do with the TwinTemp. This all in one system provides the ultimate in zoned cabin heating and endless hot water. Its versatility also allows for in-floor heating or hydronic heating or both. And you can take a hot shower for as long as you want without running out.

TwinTemp comfort is delivered quietly and efficiently. It is smaller than competing systems and easier to install, with only a fraction of electrical hook-up. There are no external tanks to install. And since it uses clean burning propane, there is no yearly scheduled maintenance.

They also are making natural gas tankless water heaters now too. This is a game changer for cabins, ADUs, and also tiny homes that will be parked in backyards or tiny home communities that have natural gas.

The cool part about PrecisionTemp is they understand that not every tiny home is built like others, and some don’t have a good spot to do a through wall water heater. So they’ve created alternate models that have alternate ventilation methods. Some vent through the floor, and some vent through a flue that can go out the wall.

We also love that the RV550-EC, RV550NSP-EC and ShowerMate water heaters are the only tankless heaters made in America.

Another beautiful part about tankless water heaters is that it takes up less space, AND it weighs so much less than a traditional water heater! You don’t have to carry around all that water stored in the water heater.

It’s the sustainable choice, you don’t have to worry about keeping the water hot, even when you aren’t using it. You literally only heat the water that you use.

Don’t just take our word for it, many of the popular tiny house influencers and builders are using PrecisionTemp. And their reviews from all their customers are great!

"We installed this water heater in August 2018 and We have been living in our RV full time. It’s absolutely the best thing you can add to your RV, Travel Trailer, Tiny house or Cabin. They also make a model for your boat.

We love having endless hot water when showering. When we had the standard 6 gallon water heater that came In our RV we couldn’t even finish a shower before the water would start to get cold.

Thanks Precision Temp!"

-Frank Newman

Another great feature of the PrecisionTemp is that it is super easy to install! It’s just water in, water out, gas source, and power source hookup! Check out the video below to see how easy it really is!

Plus, if you use the code “tinyhouse2020” at checkout, you’ll save $100!

Choose your heat and hot water needs.

Choose your level of comfort.

Choose PrecisionTemp.

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