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Your Essential RV Camping Necessities

Updated on:
October 2, 2023
tiny house rv camping

Photo by Eugene Quek on Unsplash

In exploring the outdoors, RV camping can be a good way to encounter adventures with comfort and convenience. But before you whip out your phones and save precious memories, there are several essentials that you need to have to enjoy your trip.

Embrace the freedom of the open road and ensure that you prepare for what you’ll be needing.

Safety and Emergency Essentials

Safety should always be your top priority when embarking on an RV camping trip. Having the right equipment and knowledge can make all the difference in case of emergencies, especially if you are far from facilities that cater to your emergent needs. Remember to research about safety devices that every RV owner should have.

First Aid Kit

Begin your packing list with a well-stocked first aid kit. Include bandages, antiseptic wipes, adhesive tape, scissors, tweezers, and any necessary prescription medications for your family.

Fire Extinguisher

Every RV should be equipped with a fire extinguisher in good working order. Make sure it's easily accessible and that you and your fellow travelers know how to use it.

Emergency Tools

Carry a basic toolkit with essential items such as screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and a tire pressure gauge. It's also wise to bring a multipurpose tool like a Swiss Army knife.

Emergency Contact Information

Create a list of important phone numbers, including local emergency services, the contact information of your RV rental company (if applicable), and the numbers of friends or family members who should be notified in case of emergency.

RV Documentation

Before you start your journey on the road, ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork and documentation to avoid any legal issues or hassles during your trip.

RV Registration and Insurance

Keep a copy of your RV's registration and insurance documents on hand. This helps in case you're asked to provide proof of ownership or insurance coverage.

Driver's License and Identification

Ensure that all drivers have a valid driver's license and personal identification.

Travel Permits and Reservations

If you're planning to camp in national or state parks, make sure you have any required permits or reservations in advance.

Campsite Reservation and Navigation

To start your exploration, it is important that you plant the routes you will take, reserve campsites (if needed), and have the needed navigation tools at your disposal.

Campsite Reservations

Depending on the time of year and location, RV campgrounds can fill up quickly. Reserve your campsites in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Navigation Tools

Invest in a reliable GPS system designed for RVs. Additionally, carry a printed map as a backup and ensure that your smartphone has GPS apps with offline maps for areas with limited cell service.

tiny house rv camper acadia
View Acadia by Humble Handicraft

RV Essentials

There are several items that are specific to the RV itself and are essential for smooth and comfortable camping.

Spare Keys

Always keep spare keys for your RV in a secure place. Being locked out of your RV in an unfamiliar location can be a frustrating experience.

Leveling Blocks

These handy tools are essential for ensuring your RV is level, especially when parked on uneven terrain.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks prevent your RV from rolling when parked. They're a simple but crucial safety item.

Water Pressure Regulator

Protect your RV's plumbing system by using a water pressure regulator to control the water pressure from external sources.

Sewer Hose and Connections

Properly dispose of waste with a high-quality sewer hose and all necessary attachments.

Camping Comfort

For the most comfortable experience in your trip, you need to consider items that would help you with cooking, lounging, and entertainment. In choosing these items, you can also opt for a DIY outdoor furniture for additional functionality of your RV.

Camping Chairs and Table

Comfortable seating and a foldable table are essential for outdoor relaxation and dining. An RV table that is easily setup with chairs can save a lot of time and give you more space for dining outdoors or lounging. If you can’t find these in stores or if you enjoy creating furnitures, you can simply create a DIY outdoor furniture that is to your liking.

Outdoor Mat

An outdoor mat or rug is useful for keeping dirt and debris from getting tracked into your RV.

Awning or Shade Canopy

Create a shaded outdoor space to relax and enjoy the scenery. 

Portable Grill

If you're a fan of outdoor cooking, bring along a portable grill and don't forget the propane or charcoal.


Keep your food and beverages fresh during your trip with a cooler so that you’ll enjoy your food more.

Reusable Dinnerware

Opt for eco-friendly plates, utensils, and cups to minimize waste.

tiny house rv camping with pet
Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash

Kitchen Supplies

The kitchen is often the heart of an RV, so it's important to have the necessary tools and equipment to prepare delicious meals.


Pack pots, pans, and a cast-iron skillet for versatile cooking options.

Cutlery and Utensils

Knives, spatulas, can openers, and a cutting board are kitchen essentials.

Coffee Maker

If you're a coffee lover, bring a portable coffee maker or French press.

Food Storage Containers

Keep your leftovers and ingredients organized.

Cleaning Supplies

Dish soap, sponges, and a dishwashing basin will help you maintain a clean kitchen.

Entertainment and Electronics

Even though RV camping encourages outdoor activities and exploration, it's essential to have entertainment options for downtime and rainy days.


Pack board games, playing cards, books, and other forms of entertainment for both kids and adults. These games can be played both indoors and outdoors once you set up an rv table outside to enjoy the fresh air.


Charge your devices with an RV-compatible power source and consider a portable generator for off-grid trips.


Being prepared is one of the most important qualities that you need when it comes to RV camping. In getting an RV for your upcoming camping, you can rent or buy a new renovated RV for sale, depending on your personal preferences. A renovated RV for sale can pique your interest and can come with features that can be crucial to your camping experience.

Remember to customize your packing list based on your unique needs and preferences, and always prioritize safety and comfort for a memorable RV camping experience.

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