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Tankless Water heaters for your next adventure or remote cabin

Precision Temp has been leading the way in providing tankless water heaters that are efficient, reliable, and provide hot water in even the most remote circumstances.


Compact and efficient. Delivering endless hot water - year round.

Designed specifically for RVs, trailers, boats, cabins, and Tiny Homes.

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4 Season Hot Water

Endless Hotwater

Compact & Efficient

Simple Installation

What Precision Temp customers are saying

"We installed this water heater in August 2018 and We have been living in our RV full time. It’s absolutely the best thing you can add to your RV, Travel Trailer, Tiny house or Cabin. They also make a model for your boat.

We love having endless hot water when showering. When we had the standard 6 gallon water heater that came In our RV we couldn’t even finish a shower before the water would start to get cold.
Thanks Precision Temp!"

- Frank Newman

My Hubby just installed the new RV-550 EC tankless water heater. We love this so much already and we will probably be purchasing another for our tiny house that we will be building soon !

Nothing like a 15 minute shower after a long day or even just to wake up. Try that with a regular RV hot water heater and you will be freezing!

- Sherry Newman