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Big Sur

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Ventura California
The most stylish cargo van, the Big Sur, doesn’t only provide comfort to you but also looks its best & makes your journey feel more luxurious.
Big Wooden Wonder


Base Price(USD)


Square Feet(SF)



Up to 2


1 Bed | 1 Bath

Built by

Humble Handcraft

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United States


Van Conversion

Dimensions(in FT)

22' x 8'
The Details:

The Big Sur is a stellar cargo van that comes from the land of one of the most trusted manufactures of its sort, the Humble Handcraft. Designed and built with thoughtful consideration of style and comfort to allow the owners to have the best of both worlds, the Big Sur holds the power to surely take away your breath. It is very impressive and sturdy, which makes it all the more desirable amongst avid travellers.

The make and model of this stunning cargo van is a 2019 Ram ProMaster that is known for its strength. You should be reassured about comfort and durability as both these features are given priority while making the Big Sur. The 2019 Ram ProMaster is a 147.6” wheelbase model that comes with sufficient legroom on its own. It has a decent capacity which means that a small family of 4 can take this one out for adventures and family vacations.

The roof height of the Big Sur is average and that may pose as a significant drawback because many cargo vans with high height are available in the market as its contemporaries.  The interiors are quite elegant and enchanting as they follow a vibrant ligneous theme. You get 1/ 2” tongue and groove cedar walls as well as ceilings that together accentuate the beauty of the Big Sur. The 12V revolve LED puck lighting lights inset in the ceiling add on to the beautiful wooden interior look that the walls and ceiling create.

The fixed platform bed follows in the footsteps of the walls and ceiling to maintain the charming cedarn theme of the interiors. It is also very sturdy yet comfortable, making it ideal for napping, sleeping, or simply relaxing on. The platform bed also has a custom keyboard slide out. The kitchen area comes with enough elbow room and lets you cook in peace without having to worry about a lack of amenities or space.

The walnut kitchen counter top appears as an interior décor piece and is also very versatile as it comes with a drop down cutting board. You also get a deep basin sink with a foot pump as well as a black walnut Lagoon table top. The kitchen also has an Origo Alcohol stove and oven for your benefit. To ensure proper ventilation inside the Big Sur, a Maxx Air fan is installed. The Big Sur wants you to keep your snacks and beverages safe and chill that is why it comes with a domestic chest style fridge.

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Our Thoughts

The Big Sur is loaded with a number of amenities that not only provide convenience to you but also simultaneously look very stylish to fit well in the overall enchanting theme of this cargo van.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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