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Introducing the epitome of cozy and efficient living - the compact craftsman home. Step into a world where thoughtful design meets functionality and every square foot is optimized for comfort. From the sturdy 2x4 wood framing to the low E dual-pane windows, this home is built to withstand the test of time while keeping energy costs low. Inside, you'll find a well-appointed kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, and a spacious living area that maximizes every inch. With its custom trailer, you can take this home on your adventures. Experience the allure of small-space living without sacrificing style or convenience.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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8.5' X 20'
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The compact home boasts a sturdy, reliable main structure with 2x4 wood framing. It is equipped with R13 insulation in the walls and ceiling, as well as R19 insulation in the floor, ensuring excellent thermal efficiency. The Pex plumbing system with a multi-shutoff manifold allows for easy maintenance and control of water flow. A 19-gallon electric water heater ensures a sufficient hot water supply, while the indoor electrical sub-panel, along with ample outlets and switches, provides convenience and flexibility. 

The low E dual-pane windows in white vinyl frames enhance the energy efficiency, and the inverter mini split heating and cooling system with an 18 SEER rating ensures comfortable temperatures year-round. The interior walls and ceiling feature painted shiplap or V-groove finishes, and a 32"x80" entry door, baseboard, and trim complete the main structure. The luxury vinyl plank flooring offers durability and easy maintenance, and the custom trailer ensures portability.

The bathroom in the compact home is designed for convenience and comfort. It includes a 36" fiberglass shower, an elongated gravity-fed flushing toilet, and a sink with a Moen faucet in your choice of chrome, black, or nickel finishes. A pocket door saves space, and a vent fan maintains proper air circulation. The bathroom also features a medicine cabinet/mirror for storage and functionality.

In the kitchen, you'll find gray or white shaker cabinets with black, chrome, or nickel hardware, offering a stylish and functional space. The laminate countertop comes in several color choices, and a 2-burner induction or radiant cooktop allows for versatile and efficient cooking. The range hood/fan with a 24" microwave shelf provides ventilation and additional cooking capabilities. The refrigerator opening is designed to accommodate a 24" refrigerator, and an under-counter fire extinguisher ensures safety.

The living room and loft area maximize space utilization and create a comfortable environment. Open tread stairs provide easy access to the loft, and a 1" pipe railing system adds a modern touch to the design. A ceiling fan with a light fixture enhances air circulation and illumination. For added safety, a fire sprinkler is installed in the ceiling.

The exterior features RV-style electrical, plumbing, and waste hookups for easy RV parks or campsites connections. An exterior hose bib provides water access, while two exterior outlets are conveniently placed for outdoor equipment. The composite wood siding and trim offer durability and visual appeal, and the metal roof ensure longevity and protection.

This compact home combines thoughtful design, quality craftsmanship, and an array of desirable features. Whether seeking a cozy dwelling, a vacation retreat, or a sustainable living option, this home has it all. From the sturdy wood framing and insulation to the efficient heating and cooling system, every aspect of this home is tailored for your comfort. 

The stylish interior finishes, well-equipped kitchen, and convenient bathroom amenities provide a delightful living experience. With its portability and custom trailer, you can explore and settle in your desired locations. Embrace the simplicity and charm of this compact home, where every inch is optimized for your enjoyment. Experience the joy of small-space living without compromising on quality or functionality. Welcome to a world of endless possibilities with this remarkable compact craftsman abode.

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Our Thoughts

We are captivated by Craftman’s thoughtful design and impressive features. The combination of functionality, efficiency, and style in such a small package is truly remarkable. It's clear that meticulous attention to detail has been given to every aspect, ensuring comfort and convenience. The versatility offered by the custom trailer and RV-style hookups adds an extra level of appeal. Overall, this compact home seems like an ideal solution for those seeking a cozy and stylish living space, whether for a permanent residence or a portable getaway.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

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