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Eco Cabin 60m2

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Eco Cabin 60 m2 is an exquisite small house with modular design and taste that speaks for itself and offers both-space and style!
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Eco Cabins

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Small Home

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23' X 15'
The Details:

With just one look at it, the Eco Cabin 60 m2 is sure to capture your heart and mesmerize you with its magnificence. The modern design enmeshed with homely vibes truly creates a spell on you. The unique exterior with rustic wooden lap siding maintains the monochrome theme. The long glass windows with thick white frames provide great utility and fit effortlessly in the layout to match the beauty of the contemporary style.

Given the strikingly huge structure of the glass windows and the entrance door, the indoors receive ample sunlight during the day and remain well-lit. The wide and open portico at the entrance of the house is versatile and can be used for a number of purposes. You can use it for outdoor lounging by placing seating furniture such as a settee or foldable chairs around a small centre table. The main entrance door opens up into the great room which is big and roomy.

You can adjust a mid-century modern sofa or a recliner couch for extra comfort opposite to a moderate television screen affixed in the wall for entertainment. A family sized dining table for six people can find a place near the wall and can double up as the dining area within the living room. The rustic theme of the exterior is sustained in the interior with cedarn floors and the immaculate white ceiling. You can get creative and decorate the living area by adding indoor plants or a side table for additional utility.

The open kitchen near the dining table holds a single countertop set in the wall. The kitchen countertop has room for a four burner gas stove with a chimney, a standard stainless steel sink and faucet combination, modular kitchen cabinets underneath for additional storage and an open compartment affixed in the wall to hold a small microwave. The hallway leads you to the two adjacent bedrooms, each with a capacity of sleeping up to two people.

The first bedroom holds a double bed and has an enormous glass window on one side of the wall that keeps the room radiant all day long while providing a great view of the outside world. You get sufficient leeway along with a double door closet to store your goods and chattels. The other bedroom has two single beds with a rectangular window, making it an ideal room for kids. The bathroom is modish and is equipped with a vanity, mirror, toilet and a bathing area with a glass partition that has functional as well as stylish properties.

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Our Thoughts

Eco Cabin 60 m2 offers abundant space and provides convenience with its flawless layout and stunning features. The two bedrooms can accommodate up to 4 people making this an ideal small house for a small family!

Our Ratings

Layout: 9/10

Design: 9/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8.5 / 10

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