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Fire Recovery on Wheels

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Despite being pretty small in size, the Fire Recovery on Wheels has a lot of great features to offer that are truly very attractive.
Black Beauty


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Up to 4


1 Bed | 1 Bath

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Little House on the Trailer

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United States


Tiny House on Wheels

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35' x 11'
The Details:

The Fire Recovery on Wheels is a tiny house that is easily transportable and because of its wee structure, it can be conveniently taken along for vacations or family road trips. It covers a total area of 393 square feet which is comparatively larger than most of its alternatives available in the tiny house market and that is a great advantage. It is packed with great features that also add up to the benefits of this house. The beautiful exterior and interior of this house contribute in adding to the same.

The exterior of the house demonstrates a nice gable roof that looks just as great as it functions and provides utility to the residents. It aids in letting the rainwater slide down easily without dripping down inside the house. The interiors appear more spacious because of the structure of this roof design and that is why it is an ideal choice in this particular tiny house’s context. The black lap siding panels in the exterior look seamless and classy. The white frames that outline the glass windows add a wonderful contrast against the dark backdrop while the metallic bell sconce affixed on the external walls not only looks amazing but also provides light in order to keep the outdoors lit during the night time.

The interior walls and ceiling have been strategically painted white in an attempt to make the available space seem more commodious and also to let the black and white colour scheme flow smoothly. Upon entering through the main doors, you’ll be greeted with the open kitchen and the great room’s view. The living room can hold a comfortable double seater couch and two foldable chairs for extra seating purposes. The huge glass windows let you enjoy the outside world’s views while lounging inside the comfort of your home.

This is another great feature of the Fire Recovery on Wheels as you can take it out with you on trips and it would allow you to enjoy the scenic beauties of the places that you travel to. The open kitchen is a fantastic place that is packed with awesome features such as additional storage facility in the face of cabinets that are affixed in the wall and are also present beneath the long L-shaped kitchen counter. The bedroom is big enough to sleep up to two people with sufficient closet space to store any belongings. The bathroom has much elbow room with a huge vanity, a regular toilet and a decent sized bathtub that comes with a curtain for privacy.

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Our Thoughts

The Fire Recovery on Wheels is a great tiny house on wheels that provides some of the most mind blowing features that lure in people of all ages.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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