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Freedom Village – Orchid

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Central America
The Orchid is a part of the Freedom Village project by ECI development that aims to let the residents live closer to nature.
House in the Lap of Nature


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ECI Development

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Central America


Tiny House on Foundation

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The Details:

The Orchid is beautifully built and designed. It is a tiny house that comes with an abundance of space. The stellar exterior design is so chic and modern, you would instantly get attracted towards it. The installation of ginormous glass windows and doors makes the house appear more stylish while also keeping the interiors illuminated and radiant throughout the day. You can also enjoy the outside world’s views while lounging in the comfort of your home through these glass doors and windows.

The eco-friendly features of this tiny house are mind-blowing and will leave you spellbound. From the green roofs to the grey water recycling, you are served with some of the best eco-friendly features there are. The Orchid is powered by the most powerful natural energy resource there is – the sun. In terms of enjoying the community life, you get to visit the artisan market that has food markets, art studios and more.

You can even give a kick start to your own business by setting it up in the middle of the community. What’s more exciting is that you get to live in the lap of nature and enjoy to your heart’s desire. You can relax by the lake that is available near the Orchid or even enjoy water-sports that emanate proper vacation vibes. A beautiful palapa is provided to you for peacefully practicing yoga in the heart of nature.

The community orchard and gardens, the pool, and the restaurant serve as fundamental facilities that enhance the utility value of the Freedom Village homes. The Orchid is the smallest tiny house out of the three models available in the Freedom Village project. You get two floors and the layout of each floor is quite commodious. An open staircase lets you make your way directly to the top floor and it is accessible from the patio of the house. This may be a slight drawback as you don’t get an indoor set of stairs.

The interiors are just as snazzy as the exteriors and you get enough room to live comfortably. The patio in the front is a common feature in all Freedom Village homes. The living can dining area holds a moderate sofa for lounging and a small dining table with 4 chairs. The open kitchen has a sturdy counter which is equipped with necessary appliances. The bathroom is basic but adequately fulfills your requirements through a toilet, a bathtub and a vanity combo. The bedroom can accommodate up to two people, making the Orchid an ideal choice for couples.

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Our Thoughts

The Orchid is surrounded by nature and many amazing facilities that make living in the community a great perk. You get a stylish and spacious home in the shape of the Orchid.

Our Ratings

Layout: 9/10

Design: 9/10

Quality: 9/10

Value: 9/10

Overall Rating

9 / 10

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