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Los Padres

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Ventura California
The broad structure of the Los Padres accentuates its overall beauty and lures in many potential buyers. It is big enough for a small family of four.
Magnificent & Modern Tiny House


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Up to 2


1 Bed | 1 Bath

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Humble Handcraft

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United States


Tiny House on Wheels

Dimensions(in FT)

22' x 8'
The Details:

The Los Padres is a huge tiny house built by the eminent, Humble Handcraft. It comes with the aim to let you live large but in a tiny house that is transportable and can be taken around for an adventure. You can take your family out on a trip to the hills or even to the beach without having to worry about proper accommodation or basic travel amenities.

The unique structure and exterior of the Los Padres make this tiny house on wheels even more desirable and attractive. The asymmetrical structure gives this house a style factor that is not commonly found in many tiny houses. The exterior puts on a snazzy display of western red cedar siding and trim that is finished with a hemp shield. The smooth finish of the exterior walls is something of a style statement in itself as it gives a polished look to the Los Padres. The standing seam metal roof prevents any rainwater from leaking into the house or the build-up of mildew and mold.

To match the uniqueness of the structural design, the glass windows are differently sized and shaped. These windows keep cross ventilation in check and also bring in a great amount of natural light to illuminate the interiors while also letting you enjoy the outside world views. This makes it a pretty versatile and voguish feature. The vintage copper porch lights are a style statement that provide utility too. The interiors are entirely ligneous and create an enchanting cedarn theme.

The reclaimed redwood interiors show board and batten panelling to make the space look sophisticated. The western red cedar ceiling envelopes the whole house in grace. The consistent use of redwood is shown in the custom self-closing cabinets that have old growth redwood doors, trim and cladding. In terms of other appliances and amenities, you get custom 12V LED lights, a Velux skylight and Sun Valley bronze hardware.

The stairs leading up to the loft have custom built-in space with doors that provide closet space with a coat rack and multiple shelves so that you can keep your goods and chattels neatly tucked away. You are provided with two lofts where one can be used for sleeping and the other can prove to be useful for storing your extra stuff. In the long list of amenities, you also get an alcohol cooktop with oven, a hobbit wood stove, a mini washer in the bathroom a Natures head toilet along with Koehler water fixtures. This completes the bathroom as well as the kitchen.

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Our Thoughts

The Los Padres is thoughtfully designed and it really shows. You get a beautiful exterior and a commodious interior that is filled with some of the most amazing amenities any tiny house can have.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 9/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8.25 / 10

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