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Low Country

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Low Country, an enchanting tiny home by Designer Cottages, introduces a captivating blend of modest luxury and refined simplicity, inspired by the coastal landscapes surrounding Savannah and Charleston. Despite its compact 464-square-foot layout, the home brims with top-notch finishes, high-quality appliances, and sustainable elements, delivering a remarkable living experience. This tiny home not only offers a unique dwelling but invites you to a lifestyle steeped in sustainable grandeur and serene beauty.
Tiny Living, Tremendous Style


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Up to 6


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Clayton Tiny Homes

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Tiny House on Wheels

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14' x 36'
The Details:

Nestled deep in the lush serenity of the coastal regions surrounding Savannah and Charleston, one finds an extraordinary dwelling that redefines minimalism in luxury—Low Country, a majestic masterpiece by Designer Cottages

Covering a compact yet comprehensive footprint of 464 square feet, the Low Country tiny home immerses its residents in a warm, inviting space. One of the first features that greet visitors is the pair of large energy-efficient Ply Gem French doors, an elegant portal to the world outside. The home's interior is also graced with an innovative Summit Appliance combo washer and dryer, discretely integrating modern convenience into a rustic aesthetic.

As you walk further inside, the bathroom unveils a stunning quartz tub surround, enhancing the luxurious feel while retaining the minimalist spirit. The heart of this house, the kitchen, comes fitted with a sleek stainless steel 24" range and a spacious 30” refrigerator from Summit Appliance, enhancing the culinary experience and adding a touch of modern convenience.

One of the most striking aspects of Low Country is its abundant use of windows. Three walls of the living space are studded with wide expanses of glass, offering mesmerizing 270-degree views of the landscape. Whether you're watching the sunrise while sipping your morning coffee or witnessing a beautiful sunset, the panoramic views make every moment a memory.

The lavish space management extends into the bedroom, boasting a generous ceiling height of 9' 5", while the ceiling in the open-plan kitchen, living, and dining space elegantly slopes from 9' 6" to 11' 0". Even the dining area can comfortably accommodate a table for up to six, seamlessly blending functionality with minimalism.

The charm of Low Country extends to its exteriors, featuring a cozy covered porch with large overhangs. Here, you can lose yourself in a book on a lazy afternoon or enjoy an evening under the stars with friends and family.

The materials chosen to shape Low Country speak volumes of its thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Its exterior wears a sophisticated coat of premium cedar shake shingles and Poplar bark siding, complemented by a horizontal board and batten lower body/water table. Stepping inside, one is greeted by the warm, inviting glow of beautiful tongue and groove oak hardwood flooring, a delightful contrast to the cool, modern quartz countertops.

Every window and door in Low Country is an energy-efficient model from Ply Gem, blending into the structure's ethos of sustainable living. Additionally, the house is equipped with an efficient space-saving tankless water heater and a Mitsubishi Ductless mini-split system, further enhancing its eco-friendliness. All these features are gracefully housed under a warm, tongue-and-groove pine ceiling, an exquisite detail that makes the Low Country a marvel in tiny home design.

Low Country doesn't just offer a house; it offers a vibrant lifestyle steeped in simplicity and grandeur. Every aspect of this tiny home has been designed with an unwavering commitment to quality and minimalism, ensuring a living experience that is as remarkable as it is sustainable.

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Our Thoughts

Low Country’s ability to blend the elements of luxury—like the high-quality appliances, quartz countertops, and abundant natural light—with the simplicity of the minimalist lifestyle is nothing short of exceptional. It's an eloquent testament to the philosophy that a meaningful and luxurious life can flourish within a smaller, sustainable footprint.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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