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When you want to set out on a journey in style, you should definitely consider the Mammoth as it is an ideal choice for travelling!
Travel in Style & Class


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Van Conversion

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22' x 8'
The Details:

The Mammoth is known for its luxurious character and is an excellent sprinter van for a small family who loves to travel around places. It is not only designed to provide comfort to the travelling family but also lets them travel in style. The structure of the sprinter van is sturdy and broad to support the needs of any extra members who decide to get on board.

The make & model of the Mammoth is a 2019 Mercedes sprinter which screams class at its best. This is a fantastic luxury vehicle that has been given a versatile style in order to extract more out of it. Owing to the Mercedes sprinter’s size, the interiors of the Mammoth is very spacious and can accommodate a number of amenities to serve the needs of the travellers. The Mercedes sprinter is also a 170” wheelbase that comes with a pretty high roof height. The interiors have been spiced up to make them appear more chic and up to date.

For the ceiling the Mammoth showcases 1/ 4” tongue and groove redwood ceiling that not just looks great but is also a very long lasting choice of material. On the other hand for the floors, this amazing treasure on wheels flaunts a 3/ 4” myrtle hardwood floor which is very easy to maintain and also lasts a very long time, making it an ideal flooring material. The hemp upholstered walls and accents enhance the overall beauty of the Mammoth and complement the rest of the elements very well. You also get redwood cabinets that add on to the style factor of the Mammoth’s interiors and also add on to its functional value as it provides additional storage for keeping any goods and chattels that you carry on your trips.

To take care of your basic needs such as sleeping and cooking, the Mammoth provides a fixed aluminium bed platform that is wide and sturdy. The Richlite counter tops look sleek and snazzy and come with an electric cooktop to make your cooking experience smoother. Additionally, you also get an isotherm refrigerator. You also get a Rixen water and air heater and Aluminess roof rack and ladder along with surround sound speakers in the face of extra facilities. The Mammoth comes with artic tern windows that are highly durable and a very practical feature. To add more value to this amazing deal, the Mammoth also has 340 watts of rich solar panels and a Victron multi plus invertor and charger.

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Our Thoughts

The Mammoth is a stellar luxury sprinter that does not fail to impress. It comes loaded with space and a plethora of awesome features that would be hard to miss. It is great for both, couples and a small family.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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