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The Silhouette

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Chattanooga, Tennessee
With unique design and features suited to its dweller, this rustic, industrial home epitomized the idea of fitting a house to a lifestyle. The wonderful design of the exterior, as well as the interior of The Silhouette, makes this tiny house acquire a winsome charm and look classy.
Style Meets Comfort


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Up to 4


1 Loft | 1 Bath

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Wind River

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United States


Tiny House on Wheels

Dimensions(in FT)

26' x 8.5'
The Details:

Built by the eminent, Wind River Tiny Homes, The Silhouette is a beautiful house that reflects how architectural intelligence can manifest systematic plans to life and execute ideas to perfection. This tiny house on wheels is very radiant, both on the inside as well as the outside. The usual size of the houses manufactured by the Wind River Tiny Homes is set at 24 feet but The Silhouette is slightly bigger as it stretches 2 inches more and is 26 feet long.

The Silhouette as a tiny house stands to represent style and comfort mixed together to let the residents have the best of the both worlds and this is why it is such a great option for couples looking to live the tiny yet classy life. The best feature of this tiny house on wheels is its expansive windows that not only accentuate The Silhouette’s beauty but also serve their purpose of being functional. The windows help in saving some extra pennies on the electricity bill as they bring in abundant sunlight during the day and keep the house well-lit.

The wooden panelled lap siding of the exteriors looks chic and it additionally is a durable feature that is easy to maintain. There are snazzy long sconces affixed on either side of the main entrance door that are very practical as well as stylish and fit well in the exterior’s contemporary theme. Despite its longer length, the indoors aren’t specifically spacious and the great room is decently sized to allow comfortable lounging. The white and brown colour scheme of the interiors creates an illusion of spacious interiors and makes the entire place appear brighter.

Upon entering through the main door you’ll stand on the elevated platform that is attached to the staircase leading up to the bedroom loft. The two adjacent glass windows of the great room are huge and count as a style statement. There is a floor to ceiling open cabinet affixed in the wall with a multitude of compartments. There is an in-built stand affixed in the other wall that can be used to hang your weights and dumbbells.

The kitchen looks basic but is equipped with all the necessary appliances such as a stovetop and oven combination and a wide sink with faucet. There is also space for a stackable washer and dryer combo underneath the stairs. The bedroom loft has a wooden divider in the form of a railing on one side to provide protection. This area comes with sufficient leeway and you can place a queen sized mattress to easily accommodate two people.

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Our Thoughts

"The Silhouette was a 26′ tiny house that epitomized the idea of a home fitting a lifestyle rather than the other way around. It balanced rustic and industrial design and embraced its surroundings with large fixed windows for panoramic views. Unique features like a multi-tone ceiling, skylights and a round window in the bathroom, integrated workout equipment, and an outdoor shower made this home perfectly suited to its dweller."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

The Silhouette is a smart and serene small house that is not only good in looks but also in terms of providing comfort to the residents. For anyone looking for a new tiny home for sale that you can call home, we'd definitely recommend checking out The Silhouette and Wind River Tiny Homes

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 9/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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