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Nature Pod

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Örsundsbro, Sweden
The Nature Pod by Vagabond Haven is a masterwork in sustainable mobile cabin design. Crafted primarily from durable ThermoWood, this compact home showcases sustainable laminate flooring, expansive panorama windows, and customizable amenities. It brilliantly marries luxury with the spirit of nature, ensuring an unparalleled living experience on the go.
Nomadic Nurtured Nest


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Tiny House on Wheels

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19’ x 7.5’
The Details:

The Nature Pod doesn’t rely on traditional timber framing. Four strategically-placed inner wall segments provide the support it needs. Embracing the robustness of 45mm thick ThermoWood, the outer wall stands tall and defiant. This unique construction technique slashes the need for excessive materials, promising swift assembly, reduced weight, and cost-effectiveness. And as a cherry on top, one can immerse themselves in the artistry of the abode by selecting their favorite hues for the exterior and interior sidings, roof, windows, and doors.

Under your feet, the floor sings a tale of sustainability. With laminate flooring, a delightful blend of particle board wood base crowned with an “image layer” and a transparent “wear layer,” it’s an ode to eco-friendliness. Leveraging residues from the forestry and wood industry, this choice is not only responsible but strikingly beautiful.

But what truly sets the Nature Pod apart is its embrace of ThermoWood. Far superior to conventional timber, ThermoWood is crafted by heating Scandinavian pine in specialized ovens. Undergoing treatment at temperatures of 180-230°C for several days, the wood endures only through heat and steam. This treatment not only adds longevity by making it resistant to nature's whims but also repels fungi and insects. ThermoWood absorbs minimal water, promising a gap and crack-free exterior. Its pores, larger than those in untreated wood, enhance its insulation capacity, ensuring the internal sanctum remains undisturbed. Moreover, being lighter than untreated spruce, ThermoWood ensures the Nature Pod remains lightweight and mobile.

A strong, durable roof is essential for any dwelling, and the Nature Pod doesn’t skimp on that. The chosen roofing material is a fusion of durability and elegance: roof shingles. With a fiberglass mat base and a special bituminous coating, these shingles vow to withstand the toughest weather conditions, promising protection for 20 years.

Resting on a sturdy platform made from glulam beams, the Nature Pod is built for travel. Easily loadable on a trailer or truck, the transition from one spot to another is seamless. The foundation requirement is modest - just 12 concrete blocks, ensuring your little piece of paradise can be set up almost anywhere. For those bitten by the wanderlust bug, an additional custom-built trailer can transform the Nature Pod into a mobile wonder, ready to hitch a ride wherever your heart desires.

While the Nature Pod comes with pre-installed electricity, plumbing is customizable. Depending on personal preferences, one can opt between 1-phase or 3-phase electricity, with 16A or 32A connections. If you're envisioning a full-blown abode, simply equip it with a kitchen and bathroom, and relish the convenience of water and sewage connections placed unobtrusively on the exterior.

Bedroom: The perfect sanctuary, designed for relaxation. Add a plush queen-sized bed and gaze upon the constellations or lose yourself in the surrounding foliage through those majestic panorama windows.

Kitchen: Self-sufficiency never looked this good. From a practical sink, and a fridge to a cooktop of your choosing, this ThermoWood kitchen is not just a cooking space - it’s an experience. And yes, storage? There's plenty.

Bathroom: Compact yet comprehensive. From refreshing showers to the essential sink and toilet, each element is curated to perfection. Don’t forget the hot water heater for those chilly mornings!

Last but not least, those seeking total independence can opt for off-grid solutions. From energy and heating to water supply and waste management, the Nature Pod is ready to be your self-sustaining paradise, no matter where you choose to set it up.

Nature Pod by Vagabond Haven is more than just a tiny home - it's a sustainable dream realized, a mobile sanctuary, and a testament to what the perfect blend of innovation and nature can achieve.

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Our Thoughts

The choice of ThermoWood in Nature Pod isn't just an eco-friendly decision - it's a testament to prioritizing durability in a compact living space. The panoramic windows are more than a design choice; they're an invitation to immerse oneself fully in one's surroundings, turning every dawn and dusk into a personal spectacle. We found the mobile adaptability, especially with the glulam beam platform, to be an inspiring touch, addressing the modern nomad's desires.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 10/10

Overall Rating

8.5 / 10

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