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One-Car Garage Apartment

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The One-Car Garage Apartment resembles a Classic American House with its elegant exterior and expansive interior, it is a fabulous small house.
Classic American House


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Up to 4


1 Bed | 1 Bath

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Historic Shed

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United States & Canada


Small Home

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20' x 12'
The Details:

A twee small house, emitting a whimsical vibe, the One-Car Garage Apartment looks just as good as the aura that it encompasses. The vaulted roof along with an assemblage of windows reflects precise attention to utility. The choice of material and an immaculate one bedroom and one studio layout also add up to the list of features that this cosy house has to offer.  

The horizontal lap siding and the subtle colour scheme of the exterior together elevate the overall appeal. The crimp metal roof is durable and prevents any rain water from leaking into the house. The standard 12’ x 20’ surface area is extended into the attached backyard storage shed outside the house which only hands out an opportunity to make use of the expanded space. The sleek glass windows are not only good for ventilation but are also impact resistant.

The large main entrance door unlocks into the garage which is 11’4” x 19’ 4” big whereas the workshop connected to it is compact yet useful. You even get lights mounted on the exterior walls. The exterior staircase on the other hand has an adjoining front shell porch that opens into the top floor which comprises of a studio and a bathroom.

The interior mimics the exterior in terms of beauty, attraction and sublimity while sustaining its commodious capacity. The walls are coated with modern shiplap planks which are nickel gap joined. The same is imitated in the ceiling. The house is equipped with a traditional wood trim package and you get laminated floors that are easy to clean and maintain. The interior also puts forward a choice between a stylish single wood French door and double wood French doors.

The simple layout lets you place a queen sized bed and a chic double door cupboard for storing your belongings in the bedroom. You can also revamp the living space by adding a full sofa lounger which can serve as an extra sleeping place along with a large wall mounted cabinet for a television set and for stashing extra goods and chattels. The single bathroom can hold a modest bathtub or a fibreglass shower affixed in the wall alongside a standard toilet, washbasin and vanity.

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Our Thoughts

Built by the historic shed, the One-Car Garage apartment is a pleasant and commodious small house that can comfortably accommodate a nuclear family. The shiplap interior and lovely French doors accent the charm while the extra shed space and impact resistant windows prove to improve utility. A 3’ pedestrian door made with vertically lined cypress board and diagonal battens along with the metal roof demonstrate the use of sturdy as well as durable materials. The windows bring in bountiful sunlight and can aid in conserving electricity and keeping the interiors beaming. This small house is capacious and well-designed keeping everyday necessities such as storage facility in mind.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

7 / 10

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