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Örsundsbro, Sweden
Sunshine, a tiny home by Vagabond Haven, encapsulates the essence of compact luxury and functionality. With its cute gable roof, well-thought-out floor plan, smart storage solutions, and bright atmosphere Sunshine makes you feel totally at home even when on the road. Inside, you'll find a spacious living area, an efficient kitchen, a cozy loft, and a calming bathroom, carefully crafted to optimize space while retaining comfort and aesthetic appeal.
Radiate Joy in Vagabond's Sunshine


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Vagabond Haven

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Tiny House on Wheels

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21.9' x 8.2'
The Details:

Awaken your senses to the bright promise of Sunshine, an enchanting tiny home that marries charm and practicality in its design. From the delightful gable roof to its intelligent use of space and storage, Sunshine ensures that even on the most adventurous journeys, you always carry the comforting essence of home with you.

The tiny house, with a footprint of 21 square meters, nestles snugly within our medium-sized range. Yet, despite its modest dimensions, this tiny home on wheels never compromises on comfort or style.

The exterior is 6.7 meters long, 2.55 meters wide, and 4 meters high, and is gracefully poised on a lightweight trailer. The eye is instantly drawn to the distinctive choice of siding. Whether it's the raw beauty of Spruce, the longevity of ThermoWood, or the dark allure of Shou Sugi Ban, each material enhances the overall aesthetics, drawing you closer.

The house's lightweight and durable aluminum roof fends off the elements, while well-insulated two-pane windows and a tempered glass exterior door invite the warmth of natural light into the interior. Despite its airy appearance, Sunshine is a year-round home, fitted with eco-friendly recycled textile insulation that provides a cozy refuge even in the heart of winter.

Inside Sunshine, a spacious living area of 21 square meters unfurls beneath a roomy ceiling, peaking at a height of 3.26 meters. The space is efficiently utilized, with a loft that promises rest and relaxation after a long day of adventure. The spruce panel siding pairs beautifully with the laminate ground floor, creating an atmosphere that is both rustic and modern. All the amenities of a traditional home are included, from the installed electricity and plumbing to the modern ventilation systems.

The kitchen, a fusion of functionality and style, is a testament to Sunshine's keen attention to detail. Upper and lower cabinets of veneer or MDF provide ample storage, allowing the three-layer oak board countertop to remain clutter-free for your culinary endeavors. You're offered a choice of either an electric or gas stove, complete with an induction or gas cooktop, depending on your preference. A compact fridge, kitchen hood, and dishwasher are seamlessly integrated into the space, and there's even a preparation area for a washing machine.

For an extra touch of elegance, a protective glass panel shields the kitchen area, adding a refined edge to the rustic aesthetic.

The bathroom in Sunshine is a tiny sanctuary, exuding a sense of peace and tranquility. The walls, decked in wet-room-approved Fibo Trespo panels, ensure durability and style. The floor, either a laminate or PVC, adds a sleek, modern touch to the area.

A shower cabin with a glass door promises a refreshing start or end to your day, and the options of a flush toilet, composting toilet, Separett Villa, or Cinderella incinerating toilet cater to every traveler's needs. A cupboard with a washing basin, an infrared or regular mirror, and an energy-saving electric or gas hot water heater complete the space. The bathroom also boasts a ventilation system, ensuring that the space remains fresh and inviting.

Sunshine by Vagabond Haven is more than a tiny home—it's a lifestyle. A testament to the allure of minimalistic living, it allows you to embrace the freedom of the open road while still enjoying the comforts of a well-appointed home. Sunshine invites you to bask in its glow and let your adventure begin.

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Our Thoughts

What strikes us most about Sunshine is its ability to make every corner feel like home, whether you're whipping up a meal in the well-appointed kitchen or relaxing in the tranquil loft. The thoughtful inclusion of eco-friendly materials and the tasteful aesthetic choices further reflect the careful consideration that has gone into its design. We would certainly recommend Sunshine to those seeking a balance between the freedom of the open road and the desire for a cozy, well-equipped home.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 9/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8.25 / 10

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