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TES - Blue Coral

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Central America
The Blue Coral is just as exotic as its name and offers many amazing amenities and features to the residents to let them lead a comfortable life.
Bright and Breezy Tiny Home


Base Price(USD)


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Up to 4


1 Bed | 1 Bath

Built by

ECI Development

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Central America


Tiny House on Foundation

Dimensions(in FT)

12' x 24'
The Details:

The TES Village project by the ECI Development includes 3 models and Blue Coral is one out of the stunning tiny homes available in this list. The Blue Coral is quite charming and winsome in terms of interior design. The exterior’s design on the other hand reflects a more contemporary and modern style. There are many perks of buying this house and living in the TES Village. You not only get to enjoy the community life, but also have the luxury to own a property where everyone else vacations. 

The perfect blend of both these two distinct lifestyles is what makes the Blue Coral as well as the two other TES Village tiny house models so desirable. In the long list of facilities provided to you, you get a number of options that let you stay close to nature and enjoy its scenic beauty. From the pool to the lake, you can have the best of both worlds as these services let you enjoy the luxuries of the modern world while also remaining close to nature. 

In terms of appearance, the Blue Coral tiny house resembles an exotic beach house that radiates a certain charm to entice you. The open and breezy structure of this model keeps the entire place well-lit during the day and also adding to its external beauty. The huge glass windows and doors bring abundant sunlight into the house to envelop the interiors in warmth and radiance. The modish look of the interiors makes living here seem more fun as you constantly feel like you’re on vacation while also feeling at home. 

The Blue Coral strikes a perfect balance in providing convenience and style as the layout of this house holds all the necessities in a neat arrangement. The main area of the house includes the dining, living room and kitchen area. The living room lets you relax with your loved one on the moderate size couch while the dining table fulfills its purpose adequately. The open kitchen is equipped with all the required appliances and features and comes with sufficient elbow room. 

To enhance the interior’s style factor, a piece of glass floor is installed in a square shape that really stands out from the rest of the house. The bathroom is quite big for two people and comes bearing a standard toilet, a vanity combination and a decent bathing section. There is also space for a washer and dryer combo to be placed outside the bathroom door. The bedroom holds a queen size bed and sleeps up to two people comfortably. 

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Our Thoughts

The Blue Coral is quite a charming tiny house that appears more desirable because of its wonderful look and a wide range of features.

Our Ratings

Layout: 9/10

Design: 9/10

Quality: 9/10

Value: 9/10

Overall Rating

9 / 10

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