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The Green House

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The most striking feature of the Greenhouse is the wonderful structure that makes it appear so enchanting and stand out from other tiny houses. It makes the perfect shed or greenhouse!
The Glass House


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Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

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Small Shed

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20' x 10'
The Details:

The Greenhouse from Mustard Seed Tiny Homes is the ultimate backyard getaway. When possible made entirely from re-purposed windows. It functions as a greenhouse in the winter and a personal retreat all year round! Built to your needs, these wonderful additions bring light and life to your lifestyle. Contact us to find out what we can build for you!

The Greenhouse is not one of the conventional tiny homes or trailers available in the market as it comes with a unique design and uses a distinct architectural approach to construct something beyond beautiful. The Greenhouse is an extremely pretty looking small trailer that is known for its radiant and brilliant character. The Greenhouse is built by the Mustard Seed Tiny Homes which is a prestigious tiny house manufacturer and is also known for its exceedingly well capabilities to build sturdy yet stylish houses.

The Greenhouse attempts to keep up the good work put forth by the Mustard Seed Tiny Homes in building small houses, but based on its basic yet wonderful looking structure, it does not seem to be one of the best ones crafted by the Mustard Seed Tiny Homes. The Greenhouse gets its name after the purpose attached to it, as it can be used as a greenhouse during the winter season while it can prove to be an excellent retreat place during the rest of the seasons.

Due to its petite size, you can easily place it in your backyard if you have sufficient space. The Greenhouse is a versatile tiny house that can be used for a number of purposes. You can choose to make anything out of it as your heart pleases because the Greenhouse is pretty flexible in adapting to different needs of its owners. In terms of the design and style of the house, it is quite serene and magnificent. The choice of white colour to outline and accentuate the patterns of the exterior reflects brilliance in terms of design.

The house comes with a gable roof that allows the interiors to appear taller and more spacious. This style of roof also promotes a chic look and makes the Greenhouse get a more flattering appearance. The extensive use of glass in the Greenhouse is clearly visible and might not look like an ideal choice as it is an absolutely see through model, but it can be cured with a number of solutions such as by hanging curtains to ensure privacy. The exterior has a myriad of square and rectangular shaped patterns that are all completely made from glass along with its wooden frames outlining the aforementioned patterns.

This can also be called a glass house because its walls are entirely made from glass and that is why the interiors always remain well-lit and emanate serenity. There is no specific layout available and that is what makes the Greenhouse a multipurpose asset as it can be used for various uses.

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Our Thoughts

The Greenhouse is is a charming and beautiful greenhouse option!

Despite its striking beauty and winsome charm, The Greenhouse lacks a basic floor plan and the structure only makes it favorable to use under certain use cases. It is, however, a versatile tiny house and that is a big perk.

Our Ratings

Layout: 6/10

Design: 6/10

Quality: 6/10

Value: 6/10

Overall Rating

6 / 10

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