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The Sapphira is a beautiful gypsy wagon that presents itself as a highly useful travel companion. It works well for both storing and sleeping!
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Gypsy Wagon

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4’ x 8’
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Built in Colorado, comes a functional as well as fabulous gypsy wagon crafted by the trustworthy SimBLISSity, the Sapphira is truly a proficient tiny trailer that is too good to be left out of your travel plans. Out of the three power-packed Gypsy BLISS Wagons presented by the SimBLISSity, the Sapphira poses as the middle one with ample space and fine features that make a strong statement.

The wainscot wooden exterior is smeared with a bright turquoise shade in a fancy pattern to enhance the beauty and vivacity of the Sapphira. There are 5 small square-shaped, wood framed windows neatly embedded into the sturdy structure that aid in cross ventilation while simultaneously keeping the indoors bright and warm during the daytime. The curved roof looks stylish and has low maintenance properties and is easy to clean.

The Sapphira weighs 1700 lbs qualifying as lightweight and convenient to carry around. This uncomplicated task can be easily accomplished by towing it with a compact car, for instance with the ones manufactured by Subaru. The dimensions of the trailer are fixed at 4 feet x 8 feet and it covers a total of 32 square feet. Similar to the curved roof, the curved Dutch door looks radiant and is a very practical feature of this wonderful wagon.

The indoors replicate the external charm and remain stocked with multiple features that will surely please you and make your journey flow out a tad smoother. You get sufficient space to stack your stuff or even sleep in this tiny RV. The height of the Sapphira is set at 6’ 5’ and the decently tall interior eliminates the sense of congested small space and tastefully makes the available place appear roomy. This wagon can accommodate up to two people and offers basic furniture to make the experience harmonious.

A simple yet well-built sofa pulls out to become a full sized bed and can sleep up to two people comfortably. You also get a fold out table that can be used for quick dining or various other purposes. An excellent characteristic of the Sapphira is its solar powered system that not only helps with extravagant electricity bills but is also eco-friendly and doesn’t cause pollution of any kind. The 12 voltage and 120 voltage solar panels allow you to efficiently run 6 to 7 amps a day given the days remain sunny.

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Our Thoughts

The Sapphira is a delightful gypsy BLISS wagon that caters to all your travelling needs and makes sure to provide convenience and comfort to you on your next trip or adventure. You get ample space to store your luggage and other essentials along with a sofa for seating which pulls out to become a full sized bed for sleeping!

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

7 / 10

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