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The Shimza (Joy) is the largest gypsy BLISS wagon in a series of 3, crafted by the SimBLISSity that has many useful and impressive factors.
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Gypsy Wagon

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5’ x 10’
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A wonderfully vintage looking wagon, with modern and durable features that allows your travel experience to flow smoothly, The Shimza is spacious, stunning and sturdy. It is nothing like any ordinary camper and is sure to lure you in with the range of utilities it is packed with. Considering the beautiful exterior as an added benefit, this gypsy wagon looks winsome and resplendent. The curved roof not only looks stylish but is also very beneficial as it is long lasting and extremely easy to maintain.

Weighing at a total of 2400 lbs, the Shimza is appropriately lightweight according to its size and the dimensions are set at 5’ x 10’. It covers 50 square feet of area and can be conveniently towed with a compact car. The wooden wainscoting with a splash of striking turquoise together makes the exterior appear gorgeous and gleaming. The miniature wall mounted outdoor lights along with the classic curved Dutch door provide an insight into the meticulous design plan that aims to provide utility enmeshed with style.

The use of wooden vinyl sheets for flooring and the walls exhibits excellence in terms of interior designing and even makes the indoors appear light and open. A stack of 5 thick framed square windows enhance the bright character of the interior even more and keep good ventilation in check. The credit for the roomy ambience can also be awarded to the tall 8 feet height of the interior.

The 7 feet wide in-built full sized bed that extends from wall to wall proves to be exceedingly useful and can comfortably sleep up to two people. You are bestowed with more space to accommodate a second bed and sleep two more people! Apart from this brilliant benefit that is not a common feature of many trailers, the bed even has three pull out drawers that can be used for storing smaller belongings. An in-built wall compartment on top of the bed also increases storage space.

A sturdy corner table with an in-built drawer and an additional mini closed cabinet affixed in the wall atop only add on to the long list of perks. A fold down table is available and you can put two tiny chairs on each side of it to make use of it as a makeshift dining table. The main attraction point of the Shimza is its source of power that happens to be solar charged, manifesting as an eco-friendly camper that does not contribute towards any form of pollution.

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Our Thoughts

The Shimza is an extraordinary gypsy wagon that does not only display greater advantages than its contemporaries in the SimBLISSity series but also outranks many of its other alternatives available in the market. With such a wide range of features, this tiny trailer speaks for itself and is a great buy!

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 7/10

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