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The Sport House

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With roomy interiors and exceedingly classy exteriors, the Sport House is a splendid modern house that is sure to woo you with just one look at it.
Perfectly Modern House


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Up to 4


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Little House on the Trailer

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Tiny House on Wheels

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35' x 11'
The Details:

The Sport House is like a fresh breath of air in the list of its contemporaries. Starting from its stellar design to its amazing style, this small house is a great choice for people looking to live tiny. The colour scheme is well balanced and is a great combination of neutral and bright colours. The entire house is coated in deep grey with a splash of bright green that acts as a pop of colour that adds up to the otherwise subtle colour palette.

The house has a myriad of windows which is not a common feature that many small houses offer. The clear white shade that outlines the windows shines bright against the black backdrop and captures your attention. The expansive glass windows and doors help in keeping the indoors radiant and well-lit during the day and can also save up some extra pennies on the electricity bill. The front porch is wide and can hold patio furniture for lounging. The most remarkable feature of this house is the space factor that makes it so unique, as along with the patio you also get a small balcony that is attached to the bedroom.

There are two sconce lights affixed on the wall that aid in keeping the outdoor lounging area illuminated in the evening. The great room in the interior comes with a sturdy table and chairs combination that can be used as either a dining table or a study desk. The entire house is pristine white on the inside and based on that it looks very clean and commodious. The living room has a work desk in-built for your convenience and it also bears 3 tiers of open shelves that can be used to stack books, photo frames or showpieces.

The L-shaped built-in sofa is big and can give room to up to multiple people. The long parallel open shelves that run along the length of the living room’s two adjacent walls are a statement piece in themselves. The kitchen is spacious and has all the necessary appliances such as a double sink and sleek cabinets underneath the counter. You can use the countertop for cooking and chopping or for keeping your cooking appliances such as a food processor or a toaster.

The bedroom emits serene vibes and is attached to a decent sized balcony that is separated by glass French doors. The room holds a single bed that can sleep any one comfortably. A small side table and chair can find their place in the corner of the room to complete its look.

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Our Thoughts

The Sport House has a unique take on architectural style and is a wonderful, modern small house that is a great choice for individuals who appreciate spacious homes.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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