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The Upslope by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses showcases the possibility of simplistic, yet highly functional living without compromising on comfort or style. This tiny home, devoid of a bathroom but brimming with thoughtful features, offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern minimalism.
Living Simply, The Upslope Style


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Tiny House on Wheels

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14' x 8'
The Details:

Tucked away in the serenity of Idaho Springs, Colorado, at an elevation of 9,200 feet, you will find a unique dwelling named "The Upslope". It's a charming, minimalist retreat, meticulously crafted by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, that has drawn the admiration of those who love to live simply without compromising on the quality of life.

Nick, a hotshot firefighter and the proud owner of The Upslope, desired to embody the essence of compact yet comfortable living. With a bigger house already on his property, Nick had the vision of creating an intimate, yet highly functional, living space where he could retreat while renting out his larger home. Given that the main house had the necessary bathroom facilities, he saw an opportunity to further streamline the tiny house by excluding a bathroom to save on both cost and space.

Nick's inspiration came from the allure of the East Austin rental and the minimalistic charm of the Salsa Box by Shelterwise. However, being a person of considerable stature, he needed a space that, although compact, was not constricting. Working with the constraints of a tight budget, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses started envisioning a 14-foot model, slightly larger than the 12-foot version but still compact enough to ride on a single axle trailer. This not only kept costs in check but also allowed the application of construction methods that minimized weight and labor expenses. The result was a stunningly crafted house, weighing 4,400 lbs (against a trailer rating of 7,000 lbs), selling at an attractive price point of around $25,500.

The exterior of The Upslope is as simple as it is striking. Characterized by a distinct shed roof, the façade is a harmonious blend of cedar tongue and groove siding, punctuated by strategically placed black vinyl windows. These windows not only fill the interiors with light but also provide ventilation and frame the panoramic views offered by the property. The piece de resistance is a sizeable 60x60 window adorning the rear of the trailer, a glass canvas capturing the spectacular scenery surrounding the house.

The interior features of The Upslope echo the thoughtfulness of its design and attention to detail. Winding stairs, reminiscent of a cozy cottage, lead to a loft-style sleeping area. Warmth emanates from a quaint woodstove tucked in a corner, adding a rustic charm. A small, partitioned closet crafted from barnwood adds a vintage touch to the space, while the kitchen is an exercise in functional minimalism with a simple cooktop and a gravity-fed water system made from exposed pipes.

Perhaps one of the most delightful features is the fold-down porch, complete with a cantilevered roof for protection. It's an ideal spot for Nick to enjoy a can of his favorite Upslope beer from Boulder, CO. In fact, the house shares its name with this much-loved local brew, although the builders assure there's no relation - they simply enjoy the beer and hear that the brewers are fans of the house, too!

As you walk through The Upslope, the feeling is akin to reading a well-written book - it draws you in, charms you with its character, and leaves you wanting to explore more. This tiny house is proof that thoughtful design and meticulous execution can turn a compact space into a comfortable and stylish home.

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Our Thoughts

This cozy retreat nestled in Idaho Springs has shown us that minimalism and comfort are not mutually exclusive. The house, though tiny, has been designed in a way that it feels inviting and spacious. Each element, from the aesthetic cedar tongue and groove siding to the large rear window framing breathtaking views, speaks of meticulous planning and execution. The clever design also smartly addresses the owner's unique needs by excluding a bathroom and keeping it cost-effective.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

7 / 10

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