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The Vita (life) is one of the three Gypsy BLISS Wagons by SimBLISSity which is proudly branded as the most compact one of this series.
Wee but Winsome Wagon


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Gypsy Wagon

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4’ x 8’
The Details:

Despite being the smallest in the series of SimBLISSity gypsy wagons, the Vita is a utilitarian RV that proves to fulfil its purpose easily and efficiently. Structured in a manner that promotes versatility, this RV can be used to not only store your luggage and goods but also for sleeping during travel – making it a great on road companion. The Vita does not hold a lot of intrinsic weight as in totality it measures at 1300 lbs and can be carried around very conveniently.

The simple task of towing this to the desired place is effortlessly achieved on the account of its lightweight character and miniature build. The dimensions of this wagon are fixed at 4 feet x 8 feet and the interior is sturdy to bear the burden of your goods and chattels. The exterior emits rustic magnetism and looks elegant. The tan brown exterior, as well as the interior, give this RV a sophisticated look while keeping in mind and upholding the utility aspects. An assemblage of a total of 4 windows help with ventilation and keep the indoors bright.

The curved roof not only adds to the classy and stylish appearance of this trailer but also subsequently creates more space indoor based on the 4’ 10’ height that it has to offer. The in-built sofa qualifies to be resourceful as it can be used for the conventional purpose of seating but can also efficiently double up as a sleeping place as it pulls out to a full sized bed. Since this tiny trailer can accommodate up to two people, the seating and sleeping piece of furniture manifests as an extremely useful feature.

The Vita comes with a multipurpose fold down table which is a wonderful space saving idea and can be used for dining outdoors. The indoor table on the other hand is thick and strong and can be used for varying tasks to increase the overall functionality of this RV. While talking about features provided by the Vita that aid in saving, it is imperative to highlight that it is a solar powered RV which is extremely beneficial for the environment as it doesn’t lead to pollution of any sort and keeps the air and water clean while having zero greenhouse gas effects.

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Our Thoughts

Built in Colorado by the highly trusted SimBLISSity, The Vita is a wonderful small gypsy wagon that despite having a mini frame doesn’t fail to impress. You get a decent amount of space to work with and the versatile attributes of the features surely augment functionality. The main attraction point of the Vita has to be its appreciable abilities that contribute towards a cleaner environment by creating a fully solar powered RV.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

7 / 10

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