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Shed Windows and More provides tailored products and innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of both individuals and builders.


As a family-owned business, they initially focused on the DIY sector and later expanded into construction. Their unique approach of not imposing minimum purchase requirements contributed to their success in the DIY market. They've also implemented customer-friendly policies to safeguard against shipping damage and manufacturing defects, ensuring top-notch service.


They offer customization for most of their products, with the exception of a few core items. Unlike typical concerns about customization, such as cost and delivery time, Shed Windows and More takes a different approach. They have curated an extensive selection of standard sizes to simplify the decision-making process for customers, providing a broad array of options. If a customer requires a window that's 2 inches wider and 3 inches shorter, they can easily accommodate such requests. Pricing for customized sizes is tied to their stocked standard sizes, ensuring affordability without burdening customers' budgets. Shed Windows and More follows a cost-plus pricing model that is customer-friendly, and they prioritize minimizing delivery times.


The term "quality" often feels overused in sales, frequently linked to products priced below market standards. However, Shed Windows and More takes a different approach. While they may not always offer the lowest prices, they maintain competitiveness while prioritizing quality. Their manufacturing operations span across the globe, including facilities in the USA, granting them enhanced quality control over every item they produce. This approach enables them to incorporate superior components into their products, ensuring comprehensive control over overall product quality.

Shed Windows and More

South Carolina, USA

It all started due to a teenager breaking a window in his parents’ shed. No sold replacement window for the window that broke.

Theresa, the founder of the company, found a place who would sell her 8 windows when she only needed 1. Needing it she took all 8 and decided to put the remaining balance on eBay. Once listed they did not last long. This gave her an idea of a way to make extra money for the holidays.

From there she ordered more windows and other components to sell with no minimums and ship them all over the country via ecommerce. This allowed her to connect to small builders which drove the company to create a wholesale program. Working with these builders and contractors we were able to learn more about what issues they had and what products they struggled with getting. That lead us down several different pathways to where we are today.

Now Shed Windows and More supply products for the portable building, barn, chicken coop, travel trailer/gypsy wagon, Tiny House, modular home, single family, multi-family, and hotel/motel industries.


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