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Updated on:
June 9, 2023
The Companion with nice view behind

Back Porch Homes is unlike most other tiny house builds you've seen. Their design takes elements from both the tiny homes and log cabin buildings and merges them in an innovative way. In this article we are going to talk about their features and the value they bring to the table.

Who Is Back Porch Homes?

Back Porch Homes are one of the most affordable Tiny House Builders in the Nation. This is because of their attention to detail, ability to build their homes at scale while maintaining quality and goal of building very universal tiny homes that will work well for almost any application.

One cool thing about them is that they don’t build tiny homes on foundations, nor Mobile homes or RVs, they actually build ‘Tiny Homes On Wheels’ or ‘Movable Tiny Homes’.

As you know, these homes have wheels and are street legal, all you need is a truck, and you can drive away, wherever you want!

They are based and create these tiny homes in San Bernardino, California USA: Exact address - 328 S Mountain View Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408, USA.

Other Features Of Back Porch Homes

First of all, All Back Porch Homes are Insurable and Financeable since they are certified by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). They are also designed to International Residential Code (IRC) meaning you can place these homes literally anywhere, even in your own backyard.

Secondly, these homes are constructed with different parts that can be easily found in any hardware store so it is going to be easy for you when you want to repair. And these homes are also plumbed and wired specifically to allow for easier connections to the utilities. They are connected in a very similar way as a standard RV, which makes them very universal and makes it easier to find a space to park your home. You won’t need to bother with a second meter for any utilities.

Back Porch Homes come with a 1 year warranty. They are certifiable by many big organizations like ANSI, NTA, DMV, IRC, etc.

Quality Of Back Porch Homes

Back Porch Homes are built on a trailer which might make many people think that whether it is strong enough, these homes are very high quality and as strong as a normal residential home. The craftsmanship is amazing, the house has many innovative things that make living comfortable in it.

Talking about the exterior, it has a solid white color option that gives it an elegant and royal feel.

One of Back Porch Homes’ tactics of ensuring quality they can standby is allowing no add-ons, changes or upgrades to their builds. This ensures there are no quality concerns. However, if you do want to change something, you can simply do aftermarket upgrades, since they are built like a standard home. And with the incredible value, it won’t cost any more than having it built that way in the first place!

Homes They Offer

They offer 3 types of homes, namely:

The Associate

Cost: MSRP - $60,000

Floor Size: 170 SQ FT

Dimensions: 20’-0 x 8’6’’

Weight: 8900

Sleep Capacity: 4

It has a utility room, a 6’-11’’ x 5’0’ bathroom, 12’2’’ x 7’11’’ living room with a queen size mattress, Mini Refrigerator, and a Wardrobe. It has two windows and two entry doors.

This is the smallest home they offer, it is great if you are single or a couple. We’d recommended one of their larger homes for people with a family and kids because of its total size and minimal storage (only 24” closet space).

The main benefit of The Associate is that it is super cheap, you can get a really high quality home for only $60,000.

Click here to see the 3d Model of The Associate.

Check it out here!

The Companion

Cost: MSRP - $71,000

Floor Size: 255 SQ FEET

Dimensions: 30’-0” x 8’ - 6”

Weight: 12,800

Sleep Capacity: 4

The Companion is the most popular Tiny House Back Porch Homes offer. The Companion is the enhanced version of The Associate. It has all the features The Associate has and has the same design but the only difference is that there is a big area added in between bathroom and the living area, and this area is the 10’ - 11” Kitchen Area.

This space has a bigger refrigerator, wardrobe. Dish washer and some other things that basically every kitchen has.

Secondly, the living area is slightly bigger than The Associate.

This Tiny Home is great for small families or couples and will feel appropriately sized with comfortable features. The closets are average sized (30”) and has a lot of other Amenities in comparison to The Associate.

Some of these extra Amenities include:

  • A Combo Washer Dryer
  • 30” With Hood Microwave
  • Stainless Steel Dishwasher
  • Stainless Steel Rage
  • Ice Maker In refrigerator
  • Electric Fireplace
  • Garbage Disposal

Check it out here!

The Companion Plus

Cost: MSRP - $85,500 | Dealer - $57,000

Floor Size: 340 SQ FT

Dimensions: 40’-0” x 10’-6”

Weight: 14800

Sleep Capacity: 4

The Companion Plus as the name suggests - it is basically a bigger version of the Companion. The main difference between The Companion Plus and The Companion is the size of items in it. Whether it is the Wardrobe, The Washer, Microwave or any other item, almost all the items are slightly bigger than that in The Companion.

It is best for bigger families, highly recommended for 3-4 members.

Check it out here!

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