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Ultimate Guide: 6 Strategies to Find Your Perfect Home

Updated on:
June 16, 2024
Strategies to Find Your Perfect Home

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Do you want to get a foot on the property ladder? If yes, you likely already know that it can be very difficult finding the perfect home. What perfect is depends entirely on you. Everybody’s got their own version of it. 

Identifying your needs is therefore very important if you want to find somewhere that’s suitable for you and your family. This post will tell you how you can go about determining needs, as well as explain six strategies you can use to ensure that the property you buy is one you can feel safe and comfortable in for the rest of your life.

Think About Finances

The first thing you need to think about is your finances. How much money do you have to spend on a new home? The average person’s budget is smaller than ever, mainly because of the ongoing financial crisis and rising inflation. If you want to buy properties in Christchurch or any other desirable part of New Zealand, you are going to need a sizable deposit. Mortgage lenders typically require a minimum of a 10% deposit on loans.

This means you need approximately 10% of the property’s actual price to put down as a security deposit on your loan. Some lenders are offering more flexible deposit rates, but as a general rule, the higher your deposit, the better. A higher deposit means you won’t have to repay as much each month.

Work With an Agent

Once you have worked out a budget, you can think about formally beginning your property search. The first step is to find an agent. Finding an agent is a relatively simple process, since there are more realtors active online and in-person than ever before.

If you want to save money, find a realtor that charges the lowest possible rate. The rate a realtor charges is a percentage of the total purchase price.

For example, if you buy a house for $500,000, a realtor might charge 1%, meaning you pay them $5,000. In addition to cost, think about reviews. You need to find a realtor whose reviews are positive.

The more positive a realtor’s reviews are, the more trustworthy they are. Try to avoid companies that have negative reviews, because there is always a reason why customers have left bad feedback.

Location Is Key

Location is everything when you are buying a new house. Actual neighborhoods will be referenced in the next section. By ‘location,’ this post is referring to the town or city that you buy your house in. You need to try and find somewhere that’s got high property prices, lots of amenities, and good schools. Schools are especially important if you plan on having children or already do.

If the town or city that you move to has bad schools, you aren’t going to get much out of living there. In addition to amenities and schools, try to find somewhere where people are consistently ranked as happy. Surveys take place on a regular basis to assess happiness levels in cities and towns in New Zealand.

Christchurch is somewhere that’s considered to have a good quality of life. A realtor will help you to find somewhere if you are struggling to yourself. 

Choice of Neighbourhood

The next thing you need to think about is the neighborhood you buy a house in. Once you have found a town or city you're comfortable moving to, you need to find a neighborhood that offers everything you want. For example, if you're somebody that enjoys a quiet life, you might want to find a more rural neighborhood.

If instead you want activities for you and your family, try and move to somewhere that’s in a downtown location or the suburbs. The suburbs are great for family activities. The best thing about hiring a realtor is that they can perform much more extensive searches than you will be able to, which means that they will be able to find the perfect house for you.

All you need to do is tell them the type of neighborhood you would like to live in, and they will be able to find one that's right for you. Make sure your explanations of the type of neighborhood you would like to live in are detailed and extensive, so your realtor can conduct a more effective search.

Size of Property

You also need to think about property size. Make sure that the house you buy is the right size for you, your family, and your lifestyle. A lot of people compromise on size to live in better neighborhoods, but it’s arguably a better idea to live in a slightly less desirable neighborhood just so that you can live in a bigger house.

A bigger house gives you more room to breathe and freedom to live more comfortably. That said, if you are single or you do not need a lot of room, you can go ahead and buy a smaller place to either save money or live in a slightly nicer neighborhood.

Make sure that you and your family view each property in person, so you can get a feel for the houses you are considering. Never exclusively conduct virtual viewings, because they do not give people a true impression of what prospective houses are like.

Yard or No Yard?

Finally, do you want a yard? If the answer’s yes, you are going to need to save up a large deposit. Properties with backyards and gardens tend to be a lot more expensive than ones without. This is because backyards give people private spaces to reflect and think about their lives. They also present people with somewhere to spend time with their loved ones outdoors, but away from other people. Bear in mind that yards come in all shapes and sizes.

Larger yards command higher prices. You can pick up a townhouse with a small courtyard for considerably less than a house with a few acres of land. Speak to your realtor and tell them what you want, and they will find you the perfect place.

Are you interested in buying a house? You need to think about the things mentioned here if so. Getting one’s foot on the property ladder can be stressful. The guidance given here will help you to do it without losing your mind. Give each point consideration.

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