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Top 11 Tiny Home Communities in Tennessee: Ranked and Reviewed

Updated on:
October 21, 2023
tiny home communities in Tennessee

The tiny house movement is sweeping across the United States, as these accommodations allow people to downsize and enjoy a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle.

However, if you want to live your best life when downsizing, there is something better than moving into a tiny home. It is moving into a tiny home in a tiny home community.

Tiny home communities have many advantages over individual tiny houses in traditional neighborhoods. 

First, a tiny home community offers access to shared resources and amenities (like a library, garden, swimming pool, etc) for a more enjoyable life. 

Importantly, it offers a community of individuals with the same passion for sustainable living, helping like-minded individuals connect and support each other on their unique journeys.

This article will discuss the tiny home communities in Tennessee in the southeastern region of the United States.

Our ranking of the top 11 tiny home communities in Tennessee is as follows:

1. The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls, Monteagle, TN

The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls, Monteagle, TN
Discover The Pingora, a 24-foot tiny home that blends innovation and openness to create a sanctuary for nature lovers

The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls is tucked in the lush forests of the mountains between Nashville and Chattanooga. This community offers luxury tiny homes in a location where you can soak in the natural beauty of one of Tennessee’s largest waterfalls - Deer Lick Falls.

The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls is the first tiny home community developed by Oakstone Land & Capital. 

The company now has several luxury tiny house communities around Tennessee, each highlighting the natural beauty of its location while providing an unforgettable escape for families and friends to enjoy.

There is an abundance of hiking trails leading to the roaring waterfall. Thus, the Retreat at Deer Lick Falls makes it easy to jump from luxury amenities into a calming time in nature. 

The offer of luxury in the wilderness makes the community a perfect tourist destination, especially during the summer months.

The  Retreat at Deer Lick Falls has different sizes of tiny homes. It has to be the best tiny home community in Tennessee. The immense success of this community makes Oakstone a developer of luxury tiny home communities where you can connect with nature.

Amenities at the Retreat at Deer Lick Falls

  • A breathtaking waterfall
  • Scenic hiking trails
  • A playground
  • Community pavilions
  • Fire pits

2. The Retreat at Water’s Edge, Tracy City, TN

The Retreat at Water’s Edge, Tracy City, TN
Explore the Low Country. Inspired by coastal landscapes, this enchanting tiny home blends modest luxury and refined simplicity

The Retreat at Water’s Edge is nestled in the South Cumberland forest in Tracy City. Surrounded by rivers, trees, and mountains with breathtaking views, this tiny home community combines the serene woodland of the mountains with the luxury of waterfront living. 

Following the success of The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls, Oakstone Land & Capital developed The Retreat at Water’s Edge, making this tiny home community the second in the company’s series of luxury communities.

The area is full of things to explore, from the iconic Fiery Gizzard trail to one of the oldest operating bakeries in the state. 

The tiny home options in the community include wooded, lake view, and lakefront.

Amenities at the Retreat at Water Edge

  • A 95-acre calm-water lake
  • Hiking trails
  • A playground
  • Community pavilions
  • Firepits
  • Bike & kayak stations
  • A kayak rental service (coming soon)
  • Saltwater pool (coming soon)

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3. Piney River Resort, Nashville, TN

Piney River Resort, Nashville, TN
Explore Orchid - a subtly luxurious tiny home with an innovative lighting system

Piney River Resort is a small, tranquil riverside community located on the banks of the beautiful Piney River and surrounded by the lush wooded rolling hills of Tennessee.

The wooded and waterfront background of the tiny house community allows it to offer unforgettable vacation experiences.

The Piney River Resort offers 63 RV-friendly sites with full hook-ups, four tiny home park model rentals, and a luxury glamping tent. 

For the RV sites, you can choose from waterfront pavilion, waterfront, super-premium, premium, standard, or small RV sites. 

The rentals are incredible tiny homes guaranteeing a perfect holiday spot. They combine simplicity and luxury, ensuring you can relax in comfort and have a memorable vacation beside the beautiful Piney River. 

There is no shortage of fun things to do in the Piney River Resort community. You can explore the river in a kayak, hike some of the many scenic trails, or explore the nearby wineries. 

Also, the community is just minutes away from Johnny Cash Farm & Museum, Lineta’s Deli and Market, and more.

Amenities at Piney River Resort 

  • River access
  • Scenic trails
  • Campfires
  • Picnic area
  • WiFi and fast internet

4. The Retreat at Sunset Bluff, Monteagle, TN

The Retreat at Sunset Bluff, Monteagle, TN
Explore the Rutledge - a grand tiny home on wheels capturing the essence of a traditional home in an efficiently compact form

The Retreat at Sunset Bluff is a bluff-front tiny home community that offers incredible views of rolling Tennessee hills. It is secluded in a mountainside forest in Monteagle, perched on the ledge of the Cumberland Plateau.

It is the third tiny home community developed by Oakstone.

Below the bluff are several lush wooded hiking trails that meander with a serene, flowing creek. 

With its luxury tiny homes, this bluff-front tiny home community offers luxury amenities for a date with nature in the wild. This makes it an excellent vacation destination.

Amenities at the Retreat at Sunset Bluff

  • Incredible bluff-side views
  • Hiking trails
  • A natural rock shelter
  • Community pavilions
  • Firepits
  • A playground
  • A saltwater pool (coming soon)

5. The Retreat at Red Tail Mountain, Mountain City, TN

The Retreat at Red Tail Mountain is a picturesque tiny home community located in the smoky mountains of East Tennessee. With the ever-present blue mist that floats above the peaks of the mountain range, this tiny home community is sure to wow you with views you can’t find elsewhere.

The Retreat at Red Tail Mountain is a brand-new tiny home community by Oakstone Land & Capital that is coming out soon. This community will be the fifth in the company’s series of luxury tiny homes in breathtaking destinations in nature.

The Retreat is located just 10 minutes from Watauga Lake, where you can enjoy lake activities like swimming, canoeing, boating, kayaking, and trout fishing. 

Boone, NC, is just 20 minutes from the Retreat, where you’ll find nationally known attractions like Tweetsie Railroad, Grandfather Mountain, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Amenities at the Retreat at Red Tail Mountain

  • Hiking trails
  • Community pavilions
  • Fire pits
  • A stocked fishing pond
  • On-site property management & hospitality
  • Access to golf

6. Lakeland Ridge RV and Tiny Home Community, Bean Station, TN

Lakeland Ridge RV and Tiny Home Community, Bean Station, TN
Explore the Weekender - a tiny home on wheels designed to be a refreshing change for pure minimalists

Lakeland Ridge RV and tiny home community is one of Tennessee's newest tiny home communities. The community is nestled among beautiful old-growth trees in Bean Station, on a 40-acre land overlooking Lake Cherokee, allowing it to offer serene, rustic, and tranquil vibes. 

Bean Station is only a 10-minute drive from Morristown, where you can go for shopping, medical service, and more. 

Lakeland Ridge RV and Tiny Home Community offers tiny homes and long-term rental lots for RVs at relatively affordable rates. The initial lot development is 60 lots, but the community can have 200.

A prominent tiny house in the community is the Cumberland Park Model, which features an open living area, bedroom, full bath, laundry area, and a porch that extends the living area outside. 

In addition to keeping prices low, the Lakeland Ridge RC & Tiny Home community is dog-friendly.

Amenities at the Lakeland Ridge RV and Tiny Home Community

  • A pavilion for gatherings
  • Laundry infrastructure
  • Shower and bathroom facilities
  • A small restaurant (coming soon)
  • A fenced dog park (coming soon)

7. The Retreat at Whiskey Creek, Lynchburg, TN

The Retreat at Whiskey Creek, Lynchburg, TN
Explore Cornelia - a modern tiny home perfect for placing on a remote lot, in a tiny home community, or in a backyard

The Retreat at Whiskey Creek is a rustic, resort-inspired tiny home community in Lynchburg that pays tribute to the history and legacy of the town and its local distillery. It is the newest member of Oakstone’s luxury tiny home communities. 

Lynchburg is a small, charming town best known as the home of Jack Daniel’s (the famous whiskey). 

The operational distillery makes the town attract tourists. Interestingly, the Retreat at Whiskey Creek tiny home community is already becoming a favorite among travelers. 

The Retreat is situated just a mile from the historic town square, making it a 60-minute drive from Huntsville and 90 minutes from Nashville.

It is a perfect destination to unwind and take in the rolling foothills while immersing yourself in the delights this rich Tennessee town has to offer (such as touring the Jack Daniels Distillery or Lynchburg Square). 

Tim’s Ford Lake is nearby so you can dive into more fun with swimming, boating, fishing, etc.

The Retreat at Whiskey Creek has several 1- and 2-bedroom tiny homes.

Amenities at the Retreat at Whiskey Creek community

  • A private event space
  • Creekside firepits
  • An outdoor stage
  • A community pavilion
  • On-site property management and hospitality

8. Tiny Homes Estates, Thorn Hill, TN

Tiny Homes Estates is the first tiny house community in Northeast Tennessee. It is a gated tiny house community on 7 acres of land close to Norris Lake and Clinch River.

With the Norris Lake and Clinch River nearby, Tiny Homes Estates has a lot to offer. 

The Lake and River are surrounded by peaceful settings of pasture, wooded ridges, and an abundance of wildlife,  allowing them to wow visitors with views of East Tennessee’s natural beauty. 

A section of the lower Clinch River is designated a scenic river and provides recreational paddling opportunities.

The tiny house community is thirty minutes from Tazewell and one hour to Knoxville, so you can quickly skip to the more urban towns. 

Tiny Homes Estate offers 30 lots for tiny houses and has wide roads for easy access. It is open to different types of housing (including tiny homes on wheels, RVs, yurts, park models, double-wide mobile homes, site-built homes, cottages, and more).

You can either buy a lot or rent one. Interestingly, the community is animal-friendly, so you can move in with your furry friends.

Amenities of the Tiny Homes Estate

  • A community center
  • A pavilion for gatherings
  • Walking trails

9. Richmond Orchard Tiny Home Conservation Community, Knoxville, TN

Richmond Orchard Tiny Home Conservation Community, Knoxville, TN
Explore Halcon - a stellar tiny home that allows residents to live large

Richard Orchard is a community for urban cottages off Western Avenue in Knoxville. The community’s 2.68-acre site is divided into home sites and a wooded hillside protected by Knox County as a natural wooded area. 

Richard Orchard Tiny Home Conservation Community offers residences described as “almost tiny.” 

They are relatively big, tiny homes, exceeding Knoxville's minimum requirements for tiny homes (which is 320 square feet of open area plus kitchen and restroom facilities).

There are two home options in Richard Orchard's tiny home conservation community - 650-square-foot two-story apartments and 400-square-foot one-story homes. Interestingly, each option features a modern design.

For example, in the two-story residences, the first floor has an open living area that leads into a bedroom area with spaces for a full bath. Each home comes with three porches that add over 300 square feet of space to the tiny home.

Amenities at Richmond Orchard Tiny Conservation Community 

  • A fire pit
  • A garden - one row per cottage

10. Incredible Homes Tiny Home Community

Incredible Homes Tiny Home Community is developed by premium tiny home builders, Incredible Tiny Homes. It is a 30-home community on 12 acres of land in Newport, in eastern Tennessee. 

These tiny homes have 128 square feet of living space and measure 8 feet by 16 feet. 

Each home has an open living room area that leads to a bedroom, a full bath, a kitchen, hardwood floors, and heating & air conditioning systems.

While the homes have a standard layout, the exterior design changes based on the materials used. 

Incredible Community offers customization options for prospective buyers,  with such buyers selecting the roof type, wall finish, door style, and siding material. This is a great opportunity to ensure your home suits your style.

The Incredible Tiny Homes Community offers residents a lot of fun activities, as the small town has attractions that include Deans Place, Fruit Jar Alley, Cocke County Moonshine Distillery, and Newport Speedway.

Amenities at Incredible Homes Tiny Home Community

  • On-site property management
  • A pavilion for gathering
  • Walking trails
  • A common area

11. Infinity Village, Nashville, TN

Infinity Village is a tiny home village for the homeless. It is a creation led by the interfaith group Infinity Fellowship to provide housing solutions through micro-home villages for Nashville’s neediest of citizens.

The colorful cluster of micro-homes is located at the Green Street Church of Christ, Nashville. 

Each micro-home is a single-room, 60-square-foot residence meant to offer each erstwhile homeless resident a space to sleep and find privacy. 

Thus, people who had previously spent months and years inside tents, under bridges, or on benches get their own home with a door that locks and a front porch light.

The home has a Murphy bed hanging from one wall, a mini-refrigerator, a microwave, and a heating/ air conditioning hybrid unit. 

However, a small challenge is that there’s no bathroom, so residents continued to use restrooms and showers provided by the church.

Amenities at the Infinity Village

  • Walking paths
  • Common area

Takeaway: Move to a tiny home community when downsizing and enjoy the best of tiny living in Tennessee

Tiny living offers many benefits, as tiny houses are cheaper to build, offer reduced energy costs, have a smaller carbon footprint, and more.

However, tiny living in tiny home communities offers even more benefits. This includes access to shared amenities for a more enjoyable life at reduced costs and connection with like-minded people.

When considering tiny living in the eastern United States, whether permanently or temporarily, Tennessee is a top choice as the cost of living is ideal. The eleven tiny home communities listed above are the top ones in the state.

Stay tuned to our blog for more information and valuable insights on how to enjoy the most of tiny living. And Before you begin your tiny home journey in Tennessee, be sure to read: Tennessee Tiny Home Rules and Regulations.

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