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The exterior design of the Avonlea tiny home is so winsome and beautiful that it looks like a house you get to see in wallpapers.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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24' x 8.5'
The Details:

Avonlea is an extremely beautiful tiny house that shows architectural intelligence and creativity at its best through its enchanting structural design and exterior décor. The house has much to offer in terms of style and utility which makes this a very impressive choice for potential buyers. The roof exhibits a dual style where the front portion of the house is covered by a gable roof while the roof covering the back portion is slightly less slanted giving the Avonlea’s exterior an artistic touch. 

The black and brown colour scheme makes the house appear upscale and posh. At the entrance you get a small sheltered porch that resembles the design of a conventional mansion’s portico. There are two seating platforms available on either side of the front door that provide convenience to the residents in a stylish manner. The ceiling of this porch holds LED lights that keep the outdoors lit during the night and allow the occupants to lounge outside even after sunset. 

The ligneous look of this house only adds on to its aesthetic value and makes it appear more appealing and classy. This theme is replicated in the interiors to maintain a winsome character. The interiors showcase a smart use of wooden planks in the ceiling, flooring as well as in the walls to make the living space of the Avonlea seem brighter and pleasant. The choice of interior décor items selected to amp up the indoor space really binds all the elements together and creates a snazzy home. 

The main entrance door leads you into the first room of the house that is the study/office which is an uncommon find as many tiny houses offer a living room in its place. You get a long table attached to an open bookshelf along with a chair as your work station and a small open cabinet in the corner. This can also double up as a makeshift dining table to serve two purposes with one piece of furniture. An opulent looking tall mirror is placed against the wall that gives the house a lavish look. 

The kitchen bears an L-shaped counter that holds pristine white drawers and cabinets underneath a brown countertop to keep up with the radiant colour scheme and the cedarn theme of the interiors. It is equipped with all the required amenities for cooking and cleaning. The stairs leading up to the bedroom loft have built-in storage capacity that reflects clever use of limited space. The washroom is just as stylish as the rest of the house and holds a circular mirror that presents itself as an ornate statement piece. 

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Our Thoughts

Avonlea is a strikingly beautiful house with a gorgeous interior design that lets the residents live lavishly in a tiny house. The layout is quite capacious that leaves sufficient elbow room for the residents to navigate around conveniently.  

Our Ratings

Layout: 9/10

Design: 9/10

Quality: 9/10

Value: 9/10

Overall Rating

9 / 10

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