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Ample space is synonymous to the beautiful Bayview Cottage and a family of four can relish the bounty of features that it presents!
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Small Home

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24' x 24'
The Details:

The Bayview Cottage is a wonderful small house which tends to rekindle summer beachy vibes through its distinct features and winsome exterior. Expanding over a massive 576 square feet surface area, the Bayview Cottage is spacious and beautifully designed. The smart layout plan incorporates two bedrooms and a living room in this peaceful property and will make you feel like you don’t need an actual bay view to experience the vacation life.

The lap siding panelling amps up the exterior charm while keeping the structure sturdy and laminated. The front covered portico can be planned with small step stairs and a railing for support or you can go all out with a flat wide extended living area to create your own outdoor lounging place. The roof offers choice too in the form of gable and hipped and the cathedral ceiling in the main room makes the already spacious interior appear beguilingly bigger. Upon entering the living room can open kitchen and dining space, you are greeted with satisfactory leeway that increases the possibility of comfortable mobility and movement around the house.

The dimensions of the living room are set at 11’ 3” x 13’ 5” and grants you the luxury of fashioning a comfortable yet chic drawing room with larger than life furniture and decorative items. A recliner sofa fits seamlessly in this setup as it easily accommodates many people at once and is an ideal choice for a four membered family. A flat screen can be mounted on the wall for a better view.

The kitchen is nicely set in one side of the wall where the countertop is large enough to hold a 4 burner gas stove, a decent kitchen sink, a dishwasher and a plethora of cabinets along with the side space for a regular double door refrigerator. The living room has two doors that open into the two bedrooms each.  The layout of the main bedroom and a slightly smaller one is made keeping personal space in mind. The main bedroom’s capacity is of a king sized bed while its alternative can hold a queen sized conveniently. Both these rooms have in-built closet space in the shared wall which is extremely useful for keeping personal belongings and proves to be a great perk.

The single bathroom can be accessed through the living room and comes with the choice of keeping either a full washer and dryer or a stackable one with storage. A residential toilet, bathing area and a medium washbasin complete the room.

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Our Thoughts

Bayview Cottage’s main attraction is its spacious and splendid layout which holds a two bedroom hall kitchen design in a total of 576 square feet area. You get your personal space and an in-built storage facility along with the ability to enjoy family time in the common living room.

Our Ratings

Layout: 9/10

Design: 9/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8.5 / 10

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