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Blue Sapphire

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The Blue Sapphire is rightfully named as this blue beauty looks elegant and emanates charm. It’s an ideal winter retreat home for couples.
A Cozy Couple’s Nest


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Tiny House on Wheels

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24′ x 8′
The Details:

The blue and grey glorious exterior of the Blue Sapphire along with its dashing design truly speaks for itself. The stroke of bright blue against a monochrome grey theme comes as a refreshing contrast and gives a chic look to the exterior as well as the interior. The dual roof design and the sober wainscoting also complement the overall appearance. To increase storage an 8’ x 18” two bicycle garage is additionally fixed at the rear end with outside access.

The maple hardwood floors run throughout the house and keep up with the contemporary style of the house that displays subtle grey walls and light wooden furniture with a spark of blue splashed across various parts of the house to add a vibrant touch to the interiors. The living room has an L-shaped built-in sofa with 29 CU FT of storage to increase its efficiency. The installation of Energy Star awning windows with false insulated frames and low emissivity tempered glass is a brilliant feature which is not only long lasting but also keeps the indoors radiant.

A fold-down butcher-block table is versatile and comes in handy for dining or doubles up as a compact study table. The use of high-end Formica for the fireplace that looks classy and is very efficient demonstrates the importance of quality blended with beauty. The kitchen offers sufficient space for placing all the necessary appliances in a systematic and sophisticated manner. The 9” butcher-block countertop holds a 24 inch propane range with oven and four burners, a sleek granite composite kitchen sink with a polished u-shaped faucet and an array of cabinets made from high-end Formica. A 9.2 cu ft. Energy Star-rated refrigerator with a bottom freezer stands next to the tall Formica closet.

The stairs leading up to the bedroom loft have storage space in-built and you can place a stackable washer and dryer in the compartment underneath the stairs. The bedroom loft has 48 inches of headroom and is spacious enough to accommodate a queen-sized mattress without making the place appear congested. Bonny wall mounted lamps work in place of the broad glass windows at night to keep the bedroom well-lit.

The bathroom does not only showcases functional attributes but also fits in the entire contemporary theme seamlessly. The blue steel wall shower is 36 x 36 inches big and has an acrylic shower pan with the shower head poking out of the wall. A nature’s head composting toilet and a Rinnai propane water heater combined together create a practical and easy to use washroom.

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Our Thoughts

The Blue Sapphire is a great example of elegance wrapped in a fully functional tiny house on wheels. You get considerable benefits in the shape of durable and stylish features that altogether make this tiny house a great buy!

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 7.5/10

Overall Rating

7.4 / 10

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