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Carrie’s by Mitchcraft is the greatest model in the market of tiny houses. It is compact but comes with all the necessities.
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Up to 4


2 Loft | 1 Bath

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Mitch Craft

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United States & Canada


Tiny House on Wheels

Dimensions(in FT)

28′ x 8′
The Details:

The exterior of this tiny house is not only attractive but calming at the same time. Brown walls with green paint in the middle are making this house look adorable. There are a couple of windows for ventilation and lighting purposes. This tiny house is a gooseneck type of house with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living space. The living space is over the gooseneck and looks very chic. You will see plenty of LED ceiling lights throughout the house.

As soon you enter this tiny house via a full glass door with wooden borders that makes it look very elegant. In the middle of the house, you see a kitchen colored in green. The light brown wood flooring is there throughout the house and makes this house look elegant. The kitchen comes with a gas burner, hood, microwave, L-shaped countertop, a big white sink with fossils, and storage compartments. There is plenty of storage options available in the kitchen for groceries to utensils, one can put a lot of stuff in there. The burning stove below the kitchen makes your tiny house warm.

As you step up on the living area stairs you see a couch for 3 with shelves on the wall corner. There are three windows for natural lighting and ventilation. Below the living room, there is a bookshelf and a closet. One also gets a nice storage area in the living room to store their important things. One can also put a television over there and connect it to the nearby power socket. The house electricity board is also there in the living loft. You can call 2-3 friends and have a good time in this compact house.

The bedroom is pretty simple but chic at the same time because there is a lot of storage option available for storing your clothes and accessories. you get a beautiful green door closet in your bedroom. The headspace in the bedroom loft is pretty fine and there two rectangles and one triangle window in the bedroom. The storage staircase can store your essentials in there.

The bathroom is compact but provides you with all the necessary features like a bathtub, washer & dryer, sink with and a dry toilet. The bathroom follows the theme colors of the house that is green and brown. Copper patterned tap feelings are there in the bathroom that adds a little extra to the beauty of it.

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Our Thoughts

This is a perfect tiny house for two or three people. The color theme, the furniture, and everything about this house is just fantastic.

The bathroom space could have been utilized more efficiently. But overall this house is totally worth your bucks.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8.5/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8.5/10

Value: 9/10

Overall Rating

8.5 / 10

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