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The use of sheer class teamed with remarkable design to fashion the exterior, as well as the interior of this tiny house, speaks volumes.
Perfect Home for People with Pets


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Tiny House on Wheels

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24′ x 8′
The Details:

Spanning over an area of 272 square feet, this tiny house is spacious and splendid in every given way. The calm colour scheme of the exterior puts on a fine display of the meticulous attention given to the detailing and designing of this tiny house on wheels. Multiple uncommon features and a serene ambience makes this house a perfect blend of style and utility and presents itself as an ideal choice for either a couple or a small family with a pet.

The sombre grey shade of the exterior lap siding is giving a vibrant punch with a touch of blue to add some life and spark to the otherwise muted tones. The white frames of the windows and the outlines fit seamlessly in the colour scheme. The interior is roomy and proposes some fascinating features. The cork flooring of the house is durable and pet-friendly as it resists dents and scratches. The living room holds an in-built seating system with 30 feet CU FT of storage which is a great perk, all you got to do is place some cushioned pads and pillows on top of it for your comfort.

The open kitchen is equipped with a multitude of extremely useful appliances and facilities, such as the 9’ Butcher-block countertop which holds a standard size granite composite kitchen sink, a two burner propane cooktop and a stainless steel range hood to provide additional convenience to your cooking experience. An apartment size fridge can be placed in this setup without any hassle.

You get plenty of space in the closets to store all your personal belongings while a stackable LG washer and dryer combo can find room in the corner under the kitchen counter. A fold down dining table qualifies as a valuable addition as it doesn’t occupy a lot of space and fulfils its purpose efficiently. The stairs leading up to the bedroom loft have built-in kitty litter cubby to serve as a benefit to people with pets. You can accommodate up to two people in the sleeping loft with 48 inches of head clearance. The other loft is directly opposite to the bedroom loft and can be used for sleeping or as a storage loft.

A single washroom is stacked with a Nature’s head composting toilet, a Rinnai water heater which is known for its long life, a shower pan that can double up as a mini tub for bathing your pets while the steel sheets covering it on three sides match the industrial contemporary theme of the entire house.

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Our Thoughts

Catalina is a wonderful tiny house that pays close attention to style, design and utility that together not only make living in this house convenient but also make a lasting impression in terms of appearance and appeal.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

7.25 / 10

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