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Introducing Coleus, a delightful tiny home by Made Relative, where style and functionality harmoniously coexist. This 280-square-foot abode masterfully incorporates whimsical design elements, ample storage solutions, and an abundance of natural light to create a sophisticated, yet playful living space that feels like a true sanctuary.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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26' x 8.5'
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Crafted by Made Relative, this cozy abode offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that instantly captures your heart. With its playful design elements and clever use of space, Coleus proves that living in a smaller footprint doesn't mean sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. Step inside and discover a tiny house that feels like a lovingly curated haven, embracing natural light, earthy textures, and all the amenities of a full-sized home.

Coleus sits on a 26-foot PAD Tiny House Trailer, and its exterior is as charming as its interior. The tongue and groove cedar siding is complemented by black corrugated metal accents, giving the house a striking appearance. Along the side of the house, you'll find a storage and small garden closet with fold-out doors, as well as a dedicated exterior utility closet housing LP tanks and an LP tankless water heater. Double-pane windows ensure energy efficiency and provide an abundance of natural light.

As you enter Coleus, the modern white shiplap and birch interior greet you, adorned with whimsical patterns and colors that create a sophisticated yet informal and playful design. Engineered birch wood tongue and groove floors run throughout the living space, adding to the home's sense of warmth and energy. Plants and earthy textures executed in a naturalistic style adorn the interiors, while the thoughtful placement of windows and glass maximizes natural light.

The elevated living room boasts a massive amount of storage underneath, perfect for keeping your belongings organized. A full-wall walnut bookcase provides ample space for your literary collection and electronics, complete with integrated outlets. Fully opening stairs with walnut and oak tops make for maximum storage while eliminating wasted space. The living room comes furnished with a brown leather couch, as well as an attached walnut work desk and coordinating chair. A versatile walnut-topped cubby provides additional storage for the desk and doubles as seating or a display area.

Moving into the kitchen, you'll find an oak countertop with a stainless steel sink, complete with a single-handle stainless steel faucet featuring a pull-down spray. Storage cabinets with stainless steel hardware, alongside custom-made live-edge oak storage, offer ample room for all your kitchen essentials. Coleus features a full-size stainless steel gas range, a stainless steel smart refrigerator with a bottom freezer, and a multi-speed ventless hood fan with lighting. A brass chandelier hanging above the kitchen and bar area adds a touch of elegance and focuses light where it's needed most.

The bathroom is both stylish and functional, with luxury vinyl tile flooring and an oak countertop with a vessel sink. Walnut storage slabs provide ample space for toiletries, while brass towel hangers and a vanity light offer a touch of sophistication. A combo washer/dryer unit fits snugly under the counter, while the sleek, dual flush one-piece toilet maximizes space efficiency. The fiberglass shower stall completes the bathroom ensemble.

Ascending the switchback staircase with finished walnut tops, you'll find yourself in the cozy 70-square-foot loft. The engineered birch wood tongue and groove floor continue in this space, and two swivel-open windows provide excellent airflow. A walnut corner piece allows for easy close-to-bed storage, and the loft easily accommodates a queen-size mattress. Seven cabinets integrated into the staircase design ensure that no space is wasted.

Coleus by Made Relative is a perfect example of how a tiny home can be both functional and stylish. Its playful and naturalistic design elements, combined with practical storage solutions and high-quality materials, make it an ideal choice for those looking to live large in a small space.

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Our Thoughts

Made Relative has created a living space that feels both spacious and cozy, all while maximizing every inch of its 280 square feet. The combination of modern and natural materials, along with whimsical patterns and ample natural light, give the home a truly inviting atmosphere. The Coleus tiny house beautifully demonstrates that downsizing does not mean sacrificing comfort, aesthetics, or a sense of home.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 9/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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