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de Laëtitia

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de Laëtitia happens to be a very well-crafted tiny house that offers all the required amenities to sustain a couple who wishes to live the tiny life.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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24' x 8.5'
The Details:

The structural design of this tiny house on wheels is truly attractive and impressive as it emulates the grace of traditional European architecture and presents a fine home for tiny house lovers. The gable style of the roof fulfils two purposes at once as it not only envelopes the entire house in elegance but also protects it against a number of external factors such as humidity or rain water damage. Additionally, the gable roof is known for creating an illusion of taller interiors that provide plenty of open space to the residents. 

The roof is coated in a deep shade of jet black that vividly pops up against the brown backdrop of de Laëtitia and makes a fine contrast. The brown portion of the external facets displays a neat arrangement of wooden planks laid horizontally for lap siding. There are multiple glass windows available in this house that prove to be a functional as well as a stylish feature that fulfils its purpose while also adding on to the overall beautiful appearance of de Laëtitia. The small covered extended space at the entrance allows the visitors to take off their footwear and leave it here. 

Upon entering through the main front door you are greeted with winsome interiors that maintain a cedarn theme in order to create a harmonious and enchanting look for this tiny house. The first room that you step into is the living room that has a built-in cushioned seating platform that is placed underneath a broad window. This systematic arrangement allows the residents to lounge comfortably on the sofa while enjoying the views of the outside world. 

This platform has an in-built storage facility underneath that provides additional convenience to the occupants for storing their goods and chattels. A fold down dining table along with two bar stools is also placed underneath a window which also provides utility to the residents without occupying much space. 

The attic above the living room lets the occupants make the most of it as they can use it in any manner that proves to be utilitarian for them. This can be used as a storage loft or even as a spare sleeping loft to accommodate any guests. The main loft is big enough to hold a queen size mattress that can conveniently sleep up to two people which is why this house is an ideal choice for couples. There is a wide window installed here that keeps this place radiant during the day while the snazzy sconces affixed in the wall do this job at night. 

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Our Thoughts

de Laëtitia lets the residents comfortably live in a tiny house and enjoy the outside world’s views while lounging or having a meal at the dining table which makes this is a very homely & cosy tiny home.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

7.5 / 10

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