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Eco Cabin 40m2

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Eco Cabin 40 m2 is a fabulous small house that does not compromise on quality and is made with long lasting materials to provide extra convenience.
A Wooden Wonder


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Eco Cabins

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Small Home

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25' X 12'
The Details:

The Eco Cabin 40 m2 is enveloped in cedar elegance and emits a rustic charm that lures people in with its unmatched good looks. The quality and durability of this small house are exceedingly well and make it qualify as an ideal buy for people looking to invest into sturdy homes. The thick horizontal wooden panels of the external lap siding create a wondrous aura and additionally attach strength to the structure of the house in order to withstand any damage caused by bad weather or other external factors.

One of the most prominent and striking features of the Eco Cabin is the strategic placement and size of the windows that aid in making the house look extremely posh while simultaneously assisting in adding functionality. These windows pour in sparkling sunlight to not only keep the house radiant during the day but also to keep you warm on frosty mornings. Additionally, you can enjoy the scenic views of outside world while comfortably relaxing inside your house.

The average sized portico is another perk that can be used for outdoor lounging by placing two foldable chairs and a small stool for leg support. The main door is made up of glass and looks voguish. The living room is spacious and the interiors reflect class apart style. You can place a moderate L-shaped couch with a small glass top centre table in the great room for added comfort. You can decorate the interiors according to your taste and preferences. A medium sized dining table with a seating capacity of 4 can be easily adjusted next to the wall in the living room near the kitchen. This would come in handy as the dining area.

The open kitchen settles seamlessly in the contemporary theme of the interior and only adds up to it. It comes with a sturdy single kitchen countertop that holds a modular looking stainless steel sink and faucet combination along with a 4 burner gas stove. The gorgeous white cabinets beneath the counter provide storage space for stacking all your cooking essentials and utensils while also serving great looks. You can also place a small microwave in the compartments adjacent to the countertop.

The roomy bedroom can sleep up to two people by holding a queen sized double bed. You can add more interior designing elements here to amp up the beauty of your personal space. The washroom holds a rectangular wash basin with a compact cabinet underneath and a mirror hung on the wall along with a commode and a small bathtub.

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Our Thoughts

The Eco Cabin 40 m2 is a great option for couples looking to live the tiny house life as it is packed with all the required amenities while also looking super stylish!

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 7/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

7.5 / 10

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