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Emanating the grace of European architecture, the ELM’s exterior is classy and the interior is serene. A multitude of windows keep the house well-lit from natural sunlight and provide excellent ventilation. It’s a perfect choice for couples who like cosy houses!
The Rustic Royalty


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Up to 3


1 Bed | 2 Lofts | 1 Bath

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Tumbleweed Tiny House Co

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United States & Canada


Tiny House on Wheels

Dimensions(in FT)

26′ x 8' 6"
The Details:

The ELM offers a loft bedroom that accommodates a queen-sized mattress and is attached with versatile storage space which can be used to set up a television set or simply for decoration purposes. The two attic windows fill the loft with sunlight-brightening the aura. You can descend the detachable stairs and enjoy lounging in the great room on a loveseat sofa. It can be converted into a study as well and a small table can be well utilized in this setup.

The smart design of the kitchen counter is sure to amaze you as it is strategically equipped with all the necessary appliances-stove, basin, cabinets, oven (optional) etc. A tiny shelf secured on top will allow you to stack your utensils or cereal boxes. Adjusting a fridge and an air conditioner in this tiny house is an easy task and you’ll still find much breathable room left. The adjacent bath and shower facility is spacious with a built-in fiberglass wall shower, granite countertop sink and a compact commode seat. A cabinet beneath the sink and a mirror on top complete the look.

You’ll be greeted with welcoming space in the face of a flex room and the additional smaller loft is another pleasant perk. The scope of utilizing the storage utility is multifarious as you can use it at your convenience.  The outer porch is an interesting feature of the ELM which enhances its beauty and makes it appear more alluring.  

The ELM is a tiny house on wheels that was first built back in 1999 and what’s intriguing is that the design hasn’t changed since. This legacy has been maintained in the form of a well-designed, spacious and effulgent tiny house. The house needs minimal efforts in terms of decoration as it already exudes rustic charm. Its capacity of accommodating up to 3 people lets the residents make most of the 2 lofts, the great room and the flex room.

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Our Thoughts

The breathtakingly beautiful wooden interior along with the exterior is brushed with a modern touch of all the amenities that accentuate its splendour. We are especially impressed by the traditional character’s amalgamation with voguish style.  Manufactured by The Tumbleweed Tiny House Co, the ELM is a value for money deal with 254 square feet for a little over $81k base price.

Considering its legacy and the bounty of necessary amenities, the ELM doesn’t fail to entice, however, we feel that despite being offered reasonable elbow room, one might have to reconsider their luggage portions since there isn’t much to store it in but you can always decide to get creative and vamp it up. Cleaning the hardwood floors may require special attention but plenty of sunlight penetrating through the windows will save electricity effectively.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

7.5 / 10

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