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Ma Petite Maison has crafted a sturdy yet stylish tiny house that is spacious enough for individuals, making Gabriel an ideal Bachelor’s pad.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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24' x 8.5'
The Details:

Gabriel is a fairly compact tiny house model that spans out to cover a total area of approximately 145 square feet and poses as a bijou residence. Barely missing the 150 square feet mark, Gabriel is comparatively much smaller than most of its alternatives available in the tiny house market but despite its wee structure, Gabriel is packed with utilitarian amenities and features that can provide a comfortable life to the residents.

Considering this model’s size, it seems to be an ideal choice for an individual who likes to travel as this tiny house on wheels is easily transportable and presents itself as a great travel companion. The structural design of this house is quite impressive and unique. The single slope style of the roof increases Gabriel’s curb appeal and makes many heads turn. The stellar structural built of Gabriel looks modish and makes this house more desirable. Gabriel’s built makes it appear modern and entices many potential buyers effortlessly.

Gabriel is an eco-friendly model that is equipped with a number of sustainable features that make living in this tiny house highly convenient. The interiors are commodious and can accommodate an individual comfortably. Gabriel’s unconventional layout design does not have a loft but rather holds the sleeping space on the main floor itself. The interiors are quite spacious and offer ample elbow room to allow the resident to have maximum leeway and freedom of movement. Various eco-friendly accessories are installed in this tiny house that provide utility and prove to be of great significance in helping the environment.

Photovoltaic panels are installed in the house that convert photons from sunlight into electrical energy voltage. Using solar energy to generate electricity is an excellent way of saving an average of 40% of your electricity bill and making optimal utilization of renewable natural resources. Another smart installation is of a water collector that helps in preventing any wastage of water and preserving water resources. This is a rainwater collection and storage system that collects rainwater for future use in activities like car washing or watering the garden.

An accent wall is present in the manner of a green wall to elevate the appearance of Gabriel while simultaneously proving to be a practical feature. The green wall has climbing plants growing on it which decorate the wall and also aid in regulating the house’s temperature and producing cleaner air. A dry toilet is installed in the bathroom instead of a traditional flush one which is known to be a more sustainable method of excreta disposal.

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Our Thoughts

Gabriel is small but has a modish structure that lures in potential buyers easily. It is an ideal choice for an individual who wishes to live a sustainable life as this house is made up of eco-friendly materials and accessories and is big enough to accommodate just one person.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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