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Hügge Home

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The structural design of Hugge Home tends to make many heads turn and lure in potential buyers as it is thoughtfully built to look unique and stylish.
Unique & Enticing Structural Design


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Up to 4


1 Loft | 1 Bath

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Tiny Healthy Homes

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USA and Canada


Tiny House on Wheels

Dimensions(in FT)

24' x 8.5'
The Details:

Built by the renowned manufacturer, Tiny Healthy Homes, Hügge Home is an extremely desirable model that is known for its unique structural design. This house has a high curb appeal due to its wavy roof that accentuates this tiny house’s beauty. Most tiny house models have a basic structure which is why Hugge Home stands out from the crowd and acquires a large fan base in the tiny house market. 

This is a well-planned house that is crafted using permaculture and Fibonacci design principles. The exterior looks magnificent because of a perfect amalgamation of design and décor. The chosen colour scheme along with the choice of materials used to compose the external facets, truly elevates the holistic look of this tiny house on wheels. Blue standing seam metal has been paired with ‘open joint’ barnwood siding to style Hugge Home’s exterior and to give it a touch of elegance. 

A plethora of large windows can be found in this model that adds on to the functional as well as the aesthetic value of Hugge Home. The interiors receive plenty of natural light and fresh air through these windows and the residents enjoy living in a pleasant tiny home. The interiors mirror the exteriors in terms of beauty and grace. The interiors are meticulously designed to offer welcoming living space and a serene ambience to the residents through a systematic arrangement of amenities and winsome interior décor. 

The use of limited space to incorporate all the required amenities and their proper organisation in an impressive layout reflects architectural intelligence. All the amenities and interior décor elements combine well together to form a comfortable yet classy home. The white shiplap walls look chic and the brown ceiling only adds on to the overall charm of the house while they together form a classic colour scheme. The layout is quite commodious and offers ample elbow room to let the residents live a life of convenience. 

The relaxing area of the main floor holds a cosy couch that can be used for lounging or for afternoon naps. The kitchen is positioned on the opposite end of the house and it is equipped with a single counter that bears a number of features such as a sink, an array of cabinets and drawers and a cooktop. There is also an oven and a regular fridge placed under the stairs that lead you to one of the two bedroom lofts. Both the lofts have sufficient room for two people each and also offer ample storage facility in the most modish way possible.

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Our Thoughts

The stellar design and build of this model is very impressive and shows the complete use of architectural intelligence. The house excels in terms of interior décor and also offers a very commodious layout which makes Hugge Home a steal deal!

Our Ratings

Layout: 9/10

Design: 9/10

Quality: 9/10

Value: 9/10

Overall Rating

9 / 10

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