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Jesse is a pretty compact tiny house on wheels that isn’t too swanky or upscale looking but is quite cozy and easily transportable.
Wooden House on Wheels


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Tiny Healthy Homes

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Tiny House on Wheels

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16' x 8.5'
The Details:

Built by Tiny Healthy Homes from 90% recycled or salvaged materials, Jessie is a cute tiny house wheels that has multiple enticing qualities. The use of non-toxic materials that have been recycled reflects an optimal utilisation of architectural intelligence. This house has been thoughtfully designed to emit a rustic charm and present itself as a comfortable tiny home to the residents. The exteriors don’t seem to showcase any signs of the modern style of architecture but rather this house’s look is inspired by that of a traditional looking forest retreat cabin. 

Jessie is a pretty compact tiny house that covers a total area of just 130 square feet but bears all the required amenities to provide the residents with a comfortable home. This house is ideally a suitable option for individuals who love to travel as Jessie is an easily transportable tiny house which lets you depend on it for convenience the next time you wish to set out on an adventure. Its wee structure plays a major role in making this model travel friendly as carrying it around or parking it wouldn’t be a problem. 

For cladding the exteriors, a traditional lap siding pattern has been picked where wooden planks are seamlessly installed horizontally in the external facets of Jessie. The gable roof fulfils the purpose of adding a functional value to the house while also presenting itself as an element of style. The slanting structure of the gable roof aids in preventing rainwater or snowfall damage that occurs in the face of mold and mildew. The rainwater easily pours down and doesn’t get collected on the roof, making it an easy to clean and thus an easy to maintain feature. 

The exteriors are all coated in a muddy shade of brown that gives envelopes this house in a cedarn theme and gives it a touch of rustic beauty. The windows as well as the main front door have white frames that break the monotony of the backdrop and add a vibrant pop of colour to create a charming colour scheme. This house may lack curb appeal as it is pretty small and basic in appearance but the interiors are well-crafted. 

The most appealing feature of Jessie’s interiors is the built-in stairs that make the sleeping loft accessible from the main floor. These stairs maintain the overall rustic-cedarn theme of the house and double up as a piece of interior décor while proving its essential utilitarian purpose. The interiors are just as sophisticated as the exteriors and follow the same cedarn theme to make the living space seem cosy and inviting.

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Our Thoughts

Given its wee structure, Jessie would make an ideal tiny home for individuals who love to go out on road trips and wish to have their accommodation arrangement always sorted.

Our Ratings

Layout: 6/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 6/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

6.5 / 10

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