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Built for a client named Kailey by MitchCraft, one of the popular tiny house makers. Features a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom & living room.
Minimal Modern Place


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Up to 4


1 Loft | 1 Bath

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Mitch Craft

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United States & Canada


Tiny House on Wheels

Dimensions(in FT)

22' x 10'
The Details:

Kailey’s by MitchCraft is a modern tiny house built for their client named Kailey, who wanted a minimal looking yet modern tiny house. The color of this tiny house is very pretty and calming that is sage green and white. White-colored windows and doors enhance the beauty of this tiny house. The interior of this house is quite soothing because of the white and brown theme.

The white door lets you enter the living room that features an L-shaped sitting bench, a tiny cupboard, and storage left above the living area. One can put cushions and comfortable seats over the bench for more comfort and can store their shoes underneath it. Easily 4-5 people can sit and talk on the L-shaped bench. There is a window behind the bench for ventilation and natural lighting. The following appear to be fine.

As soon as you move to the left you enter your beautiful compact kitchen. The kitchen features a straight countertop, gas burner, hood, sink, oven/microwave, and storage space. Shelves are there on the upper sector of the kitchen and one cupboard over the hood is also present for storing your spices and other grocery stuff. Next to the sink, you see your washer/dryer for doing your laundry. The stairs have open boxes in them for storing showcase items or your personal stuff. A few cabinets are also there opposite the burner. LED lights are there throughout the entire house.

You step up the stairs and come to your bedroom loft that is beautiful and quite minimalist. Storage compartments are there in the bedroom that acts as a wall at the same time. The headspace is pretty okay and your head won’t get hurt whenever you wake up in the morning. Arm support or railing is also there while you climb the stairs to the bedroom.

The bathroom features a sink with a vanity, dry toilet, and shower space. The white-colored tiles make this bathroom look chic. One can store all of their toiletries in the vanity with ease as it is a big vanity with more than 2 compartments. The towel bar is also there in the bathroom for hanging your towel. This bathroom is pretty compact yet modern.

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Our Thoughts

This house is compact but amazing at the same time. The appliances, furniture, and structure of this house are commendable. There are plenty of windows for ventilation & natural lighting.

The countertop is pretty big and a lot of storage option is also there for storing essentials. One can put two chairs under the long countertop and create a dining area.

Our Ratings

Layout: 6/10

Design: 6.5/10

Quality: 5/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

6.25 / 10

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