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La Boheme

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With the classical architecture of a small traditional cottage and a healthy dose of modernity, this lovely tiny home is as aesthetically pleasing as they come. With an open yet cozy interior, you’ll find yourself feeling right at home.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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20' x 8.5'
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Unlike most tiny homes that have the front doors towards the end of the home, Boheme’s inset entrance is front and center and opens up into an expansive kitchenette. You’ll quickly find the built-in dining table that extends from the kitchen and seats 4 comfortably. Yet, it still leaves room for a small living room space to relax.

The bathroom is equipped with a dry toilet with a stainless steel bucket and chip compartment, extra storage, and a large shower.Above the bathroom is the master loft. Long windows bring natural light in and make the space feel more open while built-in storage compartments provide you with the necessary storage needs.

With a charming inside, open layout, and built-in furniture and storage, it has everything you need to be comfortable on the road or settled down on a lovely piece of property.

The super snazzy yet sturdy structure of La Bohème paints a vivid picture of fine architecture in the minds of potential buyers. La Bohème is quite big for a tiny house which is what makes it so impressive. Its broad structure gives you an idea of the great amount of area that it covers and thus offers a spacious layout in a tiny house. You get to live large while also enjoying the benefit of a tiny house that is easily transportable. 

The green gable roof of the house also lends a helping hand in making the available space appear bigger while also being a very durable feature of the house. The long rectangular glass window in the front facet of the house presents itself as an exterior décor piece that is also a pretty useful and practical installation. Due to its excellent shape & size the residents can enjoy the views of the outside world from the comfort of their home. When privacy is required you can cover the window with curtains to block out any connection with the outdoor noise or prying eyes. 

The interior is just as classy as the exterior and you get to witness stellar interior design. The light coloured walls and ceiling help in making the interiors seem cleaner and brighter while the many glass windows installed in La Bohème aid in keeping them radiant throughout the day. The living room holds a basic arrangement of furniture that includes a sofa and a compact circular centre table. Tall metal bars separate the living room from the dining can kitchen area on one side but don’t pose as an obstacle. 

The dining table spans out wide and is attached to the kitchen counter. It is big enough to let three people dine on it at a time and to serve this purpose there are 3 chair bar stools placed around it. The adjoining kitchen counter holds a two burner stovetop and a deep sink with a faucet. In terms of storage facility, La Bohème doesn’t disappoint as you get an array of cabinets and drawers under the kitchen counter and two wooden planks affixed in the wall above it that act as very stylish open shelves. 

The bedroom loft is accessible through a hideaway ladder and is big enough to conveniently accommodate and sleep two people which is why this house is an ideal choice for couples. The bathroom is extremely winsome and radiant thanks to the several sconces present that cast a warm light on the bathroom walls to keep it well-lit and pleasant looking. 

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Our Thoughts

Boheme’s’ unique yet familiar style sets it apart from its peers with it's charm and utility.  

Functionally, it’s sufficient for multiple use cases and is laid out in a very tried and true way(except the front door placement). Overall, we think it’s well worth a deep look if you’re in the market for a tiny house in Europe.

The entire house is very appealing in terms of interior design and décor. The single loft layout makes it an ideal choice for couples.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

7.5 / 10

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