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Step into the Light Haus, a radiant example of meticulous tiny house design, where every detail is tailored to a unique couple - a woman of 5'0" and a man of 6'4". Despite its compact 24-foot length, this house embodies a brilliant fusion of spaciousness, functionality, and eco-conscious living.
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Small Home

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24' x 8.5'
The Details:

Step into the Light Haus, a meticulously designed tiny home where every detail has been catered to accommodate a remarkable height difference. This is no ordinary dwelling, but a custom creation built for a unique couple, the woman standing at a petite 5'0" and the man towering at 6'4".

Despite its petite 24-foot length, the Light Haus achieves the extraordinary, accommodating their distinctive needs with its innovative design. Look above and you’ll find a generous height clearance of 6’8” below the bedroom loft and a cozy yet spacious 4’6” overhead in the loft itself.

As you walk through this meticulously optimized space, the first thing you'll notice is the sense of openness. Strategically placed clerestory windows create an airy, serene atmosphere, while an abundance of natural light streaming in from all angles makes the space glow. Combined with the light interior color palette, this luminosity makes the Light Haus a sanctuary, a light-filled retreat from the chaos of the outside world.

Now, take a moment to appreciate the functionality that's been woven into this design. The layout boasts two separate office spaces that allow the couple to work efficiently without infringing on each other's privacy. Then there's the bedroom loft—roomy and inviting, accessible via a set of uniquely designed stairs that cleverly incorporate additional storage. These are just a few examples of the thoughtful design choices that make every inch of the Light Haus count.

Explore further, and you'll discover a luxuriously appointed bathroom, complete with a generously-sized shower and a custom sink. The kitchen, designed for serious cooking, is another marvel of functionality, equipped with a full-sized induction stove and plenty of prep space. And don't forget the ingenious storage solutions scattered throughout, ensuring that everything from office supplies to clothing finds a home.

As you walk through the Light Haus, you'll note the undercurrent of health-conscious and eco-friendly design choices. The home is free from formaldehyde and other toxic materials, enhancing the living experience and promoting the well-being of its occupants. This commitment to health and sustainability, coupled with the unique architectural choices, makes the Light Haus not just a house but a home.

Built on a 24-foot trailer, this tiny dwelling, complete with an 18-inch bump-out, is RVIA-certified and DMV-registered. Its multifunctionality extends to the exterior, where a special cat door has been incorporated to cater to the couple's furry friend, adding a charming, personal touch.

Beyond being a home for this unique couple, the Light Haus is also a fantastic solution for any individual or couple seeking a compact, fully-functional living space. It could even serve as a beautiful auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU) in a city lot or an inviting rental for the AirBnB community. Its custom furniture, adaptability, and light-drenched interior make it a beacon of innovative tiny home design.

So, whether you're in search of a refuge from the outside world, a place that brings light and nature closer to you, or simply a small space that doesn't compromise on comfort or functionality, the Light Haus is a beacon of the possibilities inherent in tiny house living.

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Our Thoughts

Light Haus’ remarkable ability to cater to varying height requirements without compromising on living standards is a testament to innovative thinking. The conscientious use of non-toxic materials, along with a beautiful and functional layout, elevate this home to a new level. Its aesthetic appeal combined with its eco-friendly ethos also makes it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a compact living solution that doesn't compromise on comfort, luxury, or wellbeing.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 7/10

Value: 8 /10

Overall Rating

7.25 / 10

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