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Lodge 1+1

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Istanbul - Sancaktepe - Turkey
The Lodge 1+1 by Kovan House is an 8.50m by 2.55m tiny home designed for a 1+1 lifestyle. Featuring a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, it boasts large windows for natural light and forward-opening capsules for flexible space. It's a functional, nature-connected retreat with ample storage and a minimalist design.
Smart Space, Natural Light


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Up to 2


1 Bed | 1 Bath

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Kovan House

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Tiny House on Wheels

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27'10” x 8'4"
The Details:

Nestled in nature, the Lodge 1+1 by Kovan House offers a practical and comfortable 1+1 lifestyle. This tiny home, measuring 8.50 meters by 2.55 meters, is designed to be functional without sacrificing comfort. It features a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, providing a complete living experience within a compact space.

Upon entering the Lodge 1+1, the smart use of space is immediately evident. The living room, located next to the kitchen, serves as the central area of the home. Large windows fill the space with natural light, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Wings that open forward from both the living room and bedroom extend the usable space and bring a sense of openness and flexibility.

The living room capsule is particularly versatile, blending seamlessly with the kitchen to create a functional space. This area can be customized to suit various needs, whether for dining, relaxation, or entertaining guests. The open-concept design allows for a smooth flow between activities, making it suitable for both quiet evenings and lively gatherings.

In the bedroom, the forward-opening capsule provides additional possibilities. This space can be used as a dressing room, a study, or for any other purpose that fits the homeowner's lifestyle. The ample storage solutions in the bedroom help keep the living area uncluttered, adding to the overall sense of spaciousness and organization.

The bathroom, though compact, is efficiently designed with modern fixtures and finishes. It complements the home's aesthetic with clean lines and a minimalist approach, ensuring that even the smallest details contribute to the overall sense of elegance and comfort.

One of the standout features of the Lodge 1+1 is its connection to the natural surroundings. The large windows not only illuminate the interior but also offer serene views of the landscape. Whether you're enjoying a morning coffee or winding down in the evening, the peaceful vistas provide a constant reminder of the beauty outside.

The Lodge 1+1 is more than just a tiny home; it's a well-designed living space that offers simplicity and elegance. Its innovative design and seamless integration with nature offer a unique living experience, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to embrace a minimalist yet fulfilling way of life.

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Our Thoughts

Our thoughts on the Lodge 1+1 are pretty positive overall. It's impressively functional for its size, and the flexible, expandable spaces are a smart touch. The natural light and connection to the outdoors are definite highlights. However, the compact bathroom might feel a bit tight for some. Despite that, we'd recommend it for anyone seeking a practical, minimalist home with good storage and a clever layout.

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