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Gran Pacifica, Nicaragua
EcoVillages has been designing some exceptional tiny homes over the years, and the Losino is no exception! Nestled into the tiny home Community Playa Pacifica, right on the beach facing the Pacific Ocean. You'll be inspired as you take in the view of both the Pacific ocean and the Losino. Designed to be a Spanish Ranch, the entire community will make you feel like you're stepping into another world in paradise.
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Community Built in Nicaragua


Insulated Concrete on Slab Foundation

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26 ft x 24 ft
The Details:

The Losino tiny home has become the work of art by EcoVillages after years of designing tiny homes in the tropics. This home is the most eco-sensible and economically designed home across the entire Pacific coast. This home model might categorically be a “tiny home,” but with two bedrooms, you'll have plenty of space to have guests come visit you in paradise!

The Losino is the big brother to the slightly smaller Galician, which is the one bedroom version of this architectural masterpiece.

Losino Tiny Home on the beach
Losino Tiny Home

The Losino is built within of the Playa Pacifica community – right on the Pacific ocean on the coast of Nicaragua. The Residential Resort is setup to be a Spanish ranch that is designed to be a destination for years to come. The Losino is thoroughly a tiny home, yet maximized to fit a family needing a second bedroom. The exotic hardwood and Spanish features on the outside and inside of the home bring a consistent and authentic design that shows EcoVillages didn't cut any corners.

It is also equipped with a full solar grid tie system featuring a 5 KWh battery. With smart utilization, it can operate independently from the grid.

Master Plan of Playa Pacifica
Master Plan of Playa Pacifica Community

The home is designed to be livable long term, but the best part of owning one of these as your second home? You can use the home as a Short Term Rental when you're not there and generate more income. Being a small two bedroom, the nightly price point will be extremely desirable!

As mentioned, the entire community is designed as a Spanish ranch, with the tile roofing, arched windows and stucco. The vine trellises around the doors and windows create a well maintained, yet established look. Mixed with the modern features and vibes make this entire community feel like you're stepping into another world of relaxation, with the Pacific breeze blowing through your hair.

The Playa Pacifica community, will boast an incredible club house with two pools. There will be fine dining and a community square where they will hold activities and fun gatherings.

Playa Pacifica Club House
Playa Pacifica Club House

The community has been designed to help you focus on what matters in life, while encouraging you to slow down and take in the breeze. The Losino will have a spacious outdoor cooking and lounging area that will be the perfect spot to soak in the tropical sun, while enjoying your tiny slice of paradise.

Check out other tiny homes and communities designed and crafted by EcoVillages! Get in touch with them here.

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Our Thoughts

The Losino has been designed for those looking for a tiny home, yet still needing a second bedroom. It shows that you can still achieve a tiny lifestyle even with a family, or if you want a comfortable space for guests to come visit.

The design aesthetic is top notch and every inch of the home has been thought through to maximize the use of the space. The modern Spanish flare that's been put into the entire community makes it feel even more unique and your sure to love calling this place home.

With attention to every little detail, it's important to note the care that EcoVillages put into their design. You're sure to love the tiny home lifestyle in this tiny home!

Our Ratings

Layout: 10/10

Design: 10/10

Quality: 10/10

Value: 10/10

Overall Rating

10 / 10

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