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Macaw – EVA

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The Macaw in the EVA residential resort is not only spacious but is also a very stylish-looking tiny house that poses as a great place to stay for a small family.
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450 SF


Up To 6


1 Bedroom | 1 Loft | 1 Bath

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Eco Village and ECI Development

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Small Resort Home

Dimensions(in FT)

20' x 20'
The Details:

Keeping up with the image and the reputation of the Eco Village and ECI Development homes, the EVA – Macaw is a fantastic tiny house that is equipped with all the classic features that its manufacturer is renowned for. From the winsome exteriors to the sturdy interiors, this house has a plethora of goodness to offer and it will surely impress you with all its glory. The house has been given a modern touch to make it appear more attractive, however, it still holds the essence of sustainability which is the primary characteristic of this house.

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The Macaw is simply serene and sophisticated in terms of its appearance. The radiant white and beige colour scheme of the exteriors makes the house look more clean and bright while simultaneously allowing it to maintain the contemporary theme. It is packed with a multitude of amenities that are not only functional, but also very fancy as they fit seamlessly into the overall modern theme of the house. The Eco-Village Asuchillo models are known for their eco-friendly character which allows the residents to live in a conscious community that aims to protect the planet.

The house lets you lead a sustainable lifestyle while not coercing you to compromise on anything. You get budget friendly tiny houses that are equipped with all the right amenities to let you live comfortably without burning a big hole in your pocket. The Macaw aims to provide you a house that is luxurious in every way possible but is made affordable and also durable for your convenience. The Macaw holds an appreciable floor plan that lets the residents live large.

The house covers a total span of 448 square feet that allows it to be pretty commodious for a tiny house. You get 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a deck in the layout which makes this house an ideal choice for a small or growing family. The structure of the house is sturdy and stylish and you get two expansive floors. Like any other EVA house, the Macaw also offers off-grid living which means your sustainable house is powered through the natural energy source that is the sun.

The installation of a green roof in this house ensures better insulation and efficiency. The house also follows grey water recycling that helps in watering your garden by reusing the amount of water that was used in the sink or the shower. The expansive windows allow natural sunlight to keep the indoors well-lit while the top floor balcony lets you enjoy the scenic beauty of the outside world.

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Our Thoughts

The Macaw in the EVA residential resort is not only a modern looking house but is also equipped with modern appliances and amenities that make living easy. It is a modish small house that has a modern theme and a very beautiful structure that lets you enjoy living tiny while leading a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle.

Our Ratings

Layout: 10/10

Design: 10/10

Quality: 10/10

Value: 10/10

Overall Rating

10 / 10

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