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The Magnolia is 250 SF big, laden with delicate grace and subtle elegance. This tiny house radiates homely vibes and can easily accommodate 2 people.
A minimalist and homely character


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Up to 2


1 Loft | 1 Bath

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Hummingbird Tiny Housing

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Tiny House on Wheels

Dimensions(in FT)

24' x 8' 6"
The Details:

The Magnolia is analogous to a small timber house and looks pleasantly cosy from the exterior as well as the interior. The cathedral metal roof ideally protects the house from any water leaks and damage during heavy rainfall or snowfall and additionally makes the interior of the house appear taller. It is long lasting and thus qualifies as a pocket friendly choice of material. The tiny clam shell porch with stairs at the entrance can be used to keep small plants.

This custom built house is made entirely from eastern white pine wood and the light tone of the same gives the interiors a cleaner look. The 1 x 12 pine floors might need special cleaning attention to maintain the polished look. The kitchen is powered with all the basic equipment such as a 25 inch stainless steel sink with a U-shaped standard faucet, a residential microwave, a 2 burner smooth surface cooktop and neatly stacked cabinets and drawers beneath the granite countertop. A 10 cubic refrigerator is placed right next to the counter for convenience.

The flex room is the most interesting space of the Magnolia as it offers a unique feature that is a corner fireplace. Above the fireplace are some vertically arranged open shelves which can be used for decoration purposes. The in-built sofa is another great factor that can be used for lounging as well as for storing extra belongings in the space underneath it. There is also space for a tiny set of desk and chair under the large living room window. The ceiling to floor book case is especially great in terms of storing and stacking essentials or simply showpieces.

A hide away pull out ladder can be used to climb up to the bedroom loft which is very compact and can sleep up to 2 people. A queen-sized mattress will fit perfectly well in the loft making it a comfortable sleeping space and the full size closet provides well for two people. The scope of hanging a ceiling fan right in the middle of the house for better air circulation is also potential. The bathroom is small but bears all the right amenities such as a linen tower, vented washer/dryer combo, a moderate washbasin, decently sized vanity, a jetted walk-in tub and a residential toilet.

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Our Thoughts

The Magnolia is a custom built 24 feet x 805 tiny house by the Hummingbird Tiny Housing which has some regular yet some unique features to offer such as a fireplace, the ceiling to floor book case and a built-in sofa with extra storage facility. The custom built soiled doors and stained shutters that match the metal roof are nice additions too. The use of eastern white pine wood for the ceiling and the floor reflects fine interior designing skills.

Our Ratings

Layout: 6/10

Design: 6/10

Quality: 6/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

6.25 / 10

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