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The Olivier tiny house is a basic model that does not have a pre-defined layout on the inside which provides abundant space to the residents.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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24' x 8.5'
The Details:

Baluchon has been a renowned tiny house manufacturer that aims to provide sturdy yet stylish homes to people who love to people who are interested in investing in sustainable architecture. The Olivier is built by Baluchon to let the residents have an easily transportable tiny house that can be carried around wherever the occupants wish to go. This tiny house on wheels can be taken to the hills or to the beach side which makes this an ideal travel companion for those who love to explore.

You can count on Baluchon for providing you with a home that can be taken with you as you set out on a journey without having to worry about accommodation inconveniences and the Olivier surely surpasses your expectations in this domain. This tiny house covers a decent amount of area to be able to hold a commodious layout and provide abundant space to let the occupants make the most of it. The sturdy structure of the Olivier tiny house is what makes it stand out from the rest and proves to be an attractive feature that easily entices many potential buyers. 

The exterior looks pretty basic and does not display anything extravagant which may seem like a slight drawback as most tiny houses built by Baluchon look wonderfully lavish and stylish on the outside as well as on the inside.  The external facets showcase wooden planks seamlessly laid into the Olivier in a vertical as well as a horizontal fashion. This creates a certain pattern that makes the exterior appear sophisticated. The single slope roof prevents the build-up of mold and mildew caused by rainwater damage. This ensures the longevity of the roof and makes it a long lasting feature that is additionally easy to maintain.

A number of glass windows are installed in the Olivier but they are quite small in size. The windows and the main front door together bring in plenty of natural light to keep the interiors radiant throughout the day. These windows can also block out excessive noise from the outdoors to let the residents live peacefully and also protect their privacy from the outside world. The Olivier has double doors for entrance which is not a common feature provided by many tiny houses. 

The interiors don’t hold a pre-defined layout that gives the owners a chance to customise it according to their own liking and preferences. This lets them have the liberty of adding a personal touch to their living space and enjoy a house that they can truly call home. 

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Our Thoughts

Apart from the basic exterior of the Olivier, there aren’t many downsides to buying this house. The interior’s layout hasn’t been designed beforehand which lets the residents have the luxury of building one that would suit their needs.

Our Ratings

Layout: 6/10

Design: 6/10

Quality: 7/10

Value: 6/10

Overall Rating

6 / 10

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