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Peggy is relatively smaller in structure than most tiny houses available but it is packed with many useful features and is easily transportable.
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Tiny Healthy Homes

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Tiny House on Wheels

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17' x 10'
The Details:

Peggy is a compact tiny house on wheels that poses as an ideal choice for couples who love to travel around as they can carry this model anywhere that they wish to go. It is a perfect travel companion which comes bearing a range of utilitarian amenities to allow the residents to lead a comfortable life. Its structural design is inspired by the Earthships style of architecture and it is an off-grid, energy efficient tiny home.  

This model is systematically crafted to enable residents to make use of the limited space to lead a comfortable life. Peggy is 17 feet long and 10 feet wide, making it attain a pretty cute structural shape. The exterior has lap siding panels tucked in one under the other to create a classy look. Despite its wee body, Peggy comes bearing multiple windows that prove to be a practical as well as a beautiful feature. A single sconce is affixed on the wall near the main double door, which keeps the outdoor entrance area lit even after sunset. 

The house offers different heating systems strategically integrated to make the residents’ lounging experience cosy during winters. The living room holds a propane heater placed in the corner which is also vented to heat the bathroom. This showcases a smart use of a single feature to solve two purposes. The heater doesn’t use oxygen from the indoor air, rather makes use of the ventilation unit installed beneath it to feed oxygen to the fire. Apart from this, there are also electric heaters provided in case the temperature drops down drastically outside. 

Peggy ensures the residents live conveniently without going through the hassle of worrying about changing weather or compromising comfort. The living room holds two long cushioned seating platforms that can double up as a bed. There is built-in storage space inside these platforms in the shape of pull out drawers which is a clever way of using limited resources, The two platforms can be adjoined to make a bed and can be separated to make enough room to practice yoga. 

The three open shelves affixed in the living room wall can be used for stacking any additional goods and chattels or to even give the living area a personalised touch by adding photo frames and other decorative showpieces. The kitchen has an L-shaped counter that is equipped with a stainless steel sink with an attached faucet, a cooktop, a chest style fridge and an array of drawers and cabinets for storage purposes.

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Our Thoughts

Peggy is small in structure but that is not a drawback as it is equipped with all the required amenities. This model shows a clever use of limited space to incorporate all the necessities without making the occupants compromise on comfort or convenience.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 7/10

Quality: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Overall Rating

7 / 10

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