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The Pico is the smallest model in the ‘Nest’ series of 3 houses manufactured by Roombus. This is an elegant tiny smart house that is very impressive.
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Tiny House on Foundation

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12' x 20'
The Details:

Roombus is an eminent tiny house manufacturer that has worked wonders in creating a series of elegant yet affordable tiny houses under the ‘Nest’ project. The Pico is one of the 3 models made in this series which is the smallest one available as it covers a total area of 240 square feet. Despite its compact structure, it is an exceptionally well-crafted tiny house that is equipped with some of the best features a tiny house its size can possibly offer. 

Priced at $59,000+, the Pico is available in 6 different shades and is a hard to miss model for tiny house lovers. The sturdy built of the Pico is what makes it more enticing as it is earthquake resistant, hurricane proof and also fire resistant. The level of architectural competence in partnership with exceptional engineering shown in making this tiny house makes this house extremely desirable. The modern exterior design adds on to the overall beauty of the Nano and comes with a high curb appeal. 

A plethora of mind blowing features create an elite image of the Pico in the tiny house market and offer convenience as well as a sense of security for the residents. All the features can be accessed and regulated through your phone which makes monitoring your home even more convenient. Powered windows have smart glass that can be switched on or off as per the privacy requirements of the residents. The smart ceiling speakers can be utilised to set the vibe of your living space according to your mood and the lights can be controlled too in order to create a perfect aura. 

For security the house has burglar proof steel frame, a steel security entrance door, anti-bandit windows, built-in motion sensors, as well as a high decibel alarm system to protect your house against all odds. This is what makes this smart house a wonderfully safe choice of residence for your loved ones. The highly efficient, eco-friendly design of the Pico provides you with 4 layers of glass in the windows, a smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that regulates the temperature of the interiors throughout the year. 

The commodious layout of the Pico holds all the primary rooms required for comfortable living. The relaxing space holds a sofa for lounging and the kitchen is equipped with full size appliances that include an electric induction cooktop, an oven, and a dishwasher, pull out pantry and a French door fridge. You can also customise it and choose a built-in kitchen from top electronics companies such as Samsung and LG. 

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Our Thoughts

The Pico is surely small in size but is packed with utilitarian amenities that make living in this house easy and effortless for up to two people.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 9/10

Value: 9/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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