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The Salamandre comes with refreshingly radiant interiors and several utilitarian amenities that make it a wonderful tiny house.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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24' x 8.5'
The Details:

The Salamandre casts a spell on you with its bright and beautiful appearance. It radiates happy vibes and you’ll feel the interiors enveloping you in a welcoming hug with its pleasant look. The exterior look is nothing less and has a great curb appeal. The dark jade green colour paired with brown gives the house an enchanting touch. The external walls showcase smooth finish lap siding as well as a hint of texture in the form of cedar shingles. 

There are multiple windows installed in the Salamandre but the single huge window steals the show and provides utility enmeshed with style. The roof design is unique and presents itself as a style statement. Upon entering the house you’ll feel warmth and light as the bright interiors emit positivity. Unlike other houses, the Salamandre’s layout doesn’t begin with a living room, rather you are welcomed by the sight of the kitchen upon entering through the main front door.

There is a long open rack with two open shelves making a single compartment. You can use this to hang your coats or mufflers and keep your shoes on the two shelf planks. There is a plank attached on the top of the rack which can be used for keeping showpieces such as small house plants to enhance the interior’s style appeal. The kitchen counter is broad and sturdy and is equipped with a wide and deep sink and faucet combination.

 There is a chest style fridge placed under the counter next to a vertically built open cabinet with three compartments. Another long open shelf is affixed in the wall above the counter which can be used for keeping your daily crockery. The loft near the kitchen is decently spacious and can accommodate two people effortlessly. In case there aren’t many occupants, this loft can prove to be a fantastic storage facility. The dining table has a semi-circular cut at the end and keeps up with the modern look of the house. 

At a time up to 4 people can dine on this or use it for a family night for board games. The two huge windows on either side of the living room keep it especially radiant during the day. To follow in line with other space saving features the three seater sofa pulls out to become a full bed and the staircase leading up to the main sleeping loft has in-built open compartments that can be used for stacking interior décor items to elevate the look of the living area. The bedroom is surrounded by windows and holds a double bed to sleep two people comfortably. 

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Our Thoughts

The Salamandre is a well-crafted tiny house that proudly presents bright and beautiful interiors along with many stunning features that let the occupants live comfortably.

Our Ratings

Layout: 7/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 7/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

7.5 / 10

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